Fergie wears symbolic swallow brooch to honour the Queen's 'journey home'

Sarah, the Duchess of York, stepped out with her family at Westminster Abbey for the Queen’s funeral today.

Fergie wore a military-style coat dress with a belt, button-down design and flared cuffs.

The 62-year-old teamed the all-black ensemble with an intricate silver swallow brooch on her lapel, to pay her respects.

The accessory was particularly fitting for the occasion, as swallows were an important motif within Victorian jewellery – often sported as a symbol of love or mourning.

The symbol of the swallow is thought to mean ‘to safely return home’ – which could have a more poignant meaning during a funeral, of an individual journeying to heaven.

Also, in Christianity, a swallow is a reference to the Incarnation of Christ and his Resurrection.

Swallow motifs were also used in Victorian jewellery to signify love and constancy, across both distance and time.

So the bird brooch is a sweet gesture to the Queen in a number of ways.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were also spotted supporting their mother in a short clip.

The sisters turned to look back for their emotional mother, and encouraged her to join them as the family made their way to their seats.

But Sarah shook her head and insisted she would stay behind with the Queen’s grandchildren.

For the funeral, Princess Eugenie wore a special bag, in subtle nod to Prince Philip, while Princess Beatrice sported sombre headwear.

This also isn’t the first time we’ve seen Sarah wear the swallow brooch. She previously wore it to the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston in 2019.

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