Fashion fan shares simple hack for breaking in tough boots with no effort – and apparently it works every time | The Sun

DOC Martens 1460 Smooth Leather boots are a classic, but they’re notoriously hard to break in.

One woman has gone viral online after sharing her hack for breaking in tough Doc Marten boots. 

Alex said in a TikTok video: “Has anyone else seen the hack where you put a bag of water in your Docs and then put them in your freezer to break them in?"

She said: "Let's see if it actually works.”

Apparently you can break in Doc Martens overnight by using two zip locked bags of water and a freezer.

You line your Doc Martens with plastic bags for protection, then put a zip locked bag of water into each boot and freeze overnight. 

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The water will expand slightly as it freezes, stretching out your Docs by a small amount.

In the morning remove the frozen bags of water and your Docs will be ready to wear.

In a follow up video Alex shared her results: “So I thought I would jump on and do an update on the Doc's.

Already Alex could tell the hack had made a difference.

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She continued: "I have just taken them out of the freezer. I’ve had a feel of the leather and it is definitely a lot softer than what they were and they have definitely widened out."

Alex concluded: “I’m going to wear them tomorrow all day. Let's see if they have actually broken in or my feet are going to be ripped to shreds”.

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Alex followed up in another video.

Alex said: “So I have just put them on, they’re still a bit stiff but they do feel a lot wider. So I’m gonna wear them today and let's see how it goes.”

Alex put the hack to the test and wore the Doc Marten's all day to see how they felt.

She said: “So I have worn my Doc’s from about 9 o’clock till about half past 12 and it’s not hurt me around the heel but around this bit here [her toes] I can start to feel some blisters coming.”

So it looks like not a perfect hack but still pretty decent.

Alex’s first video gained over 4 million views with viewers desperate to know if the hack worked. 

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One commenter said: “Am I the only one who’s never had to break my Docs in?! Literally the comfiest things I own and never hurt my feet EVER.”

Another commenter said: “I worked in shoe shops for 17 years, the only thing that softens leather is heat.”

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