Fairytale wedding ends in bloodshed as bridesmaids scrap in street – & the fighting only ends when the police arrive

A FAIRYTALE wedding ended in bloodshed when a fight between bridesmaids broke out in the street, with police quick to arrive at the scene.

Alyssa and Heath, from West Virginia, were looking forward to their big day, despite both their families being against the nuptials, and their relationship.

With bad blood between the two families, who appeared on the TLC show, Gypsy Wedding US, it's no surprise the big day doesn't exactly go to plan.

As Alyssa, 18, goes shopping with her bridesmaids to find the perfect gown, she expresses her sadness about her parents not being there to support her on her big day.

Her mum "doesn't want nothing to do with it," says Alyssa, who has her cousins by her side instead.

Meanwhile, her husband-to-be Heath, a Romanichal gypsy, looks to secure a full-time job before the big day so he could get his life back on track after a stint in prison.

The job couldn't come at a better time either as the couple are forced to stay in a motel room in the lead-up to their wedding.

Heath's mum, Nettie, kicked them out after hearing that Alyssa was "spreading rumours" about her, despite looking after her in their family home.

"I had found out that Alyssa had gone over to my daughter-in-law talking about how many man I've had. I could count on one hand how many man I've had," she fumes.

"I thought she was a really good girl, nobody could have ever told me any different. But now I see that Alyssa is a hateful child, the devil in disguise."

Mellie, Heath's Aunt and Netties sister, helps the raging mum pack up the couple's belongings, agreeing that she's "done the right thing" by kicking them out.

In the show, Nettie tells Mellie that she refuses to go to the wedding, but enraged Mellie insists on going.

"Oh I'm going," she says. "As soon as the man says 'do you object' I'm running down there and beating the **** out of her."

Unfortunately, Mellie stays true to her word and finds herself in a whole lot of trouble on the couple's dream wedding day.

But it isn't the bride she ends up brawling with, but Alyssa's cousin Diamond who heard about Mellie's threats.

As friends and some family congratulate the newlyweds, Mellie storms outside, still furious about Alyssa's recent behaviour.

Outside the courthouse, Diamond is prepared to take on Heath's Aunt in defence on her unsuspecting cousin Alyssa, the new loved-up bride.

Diamond warns: "If she comes out here I swear to god I'm going to f****** kill her."

Convinced Mellie was only at the wedding to fight her cousin Alyssa, Diamond decides to take matters into her own hands.

The pair end up face-to-face, swearing and yelling at each other, but it quickly turns physical.

Diamond, bare foot with shoes in hand, forcefully pushes Mellie, sending her flying into a brick wall.

What comes next is an all-in brutal fist-fight between the two girls who both end up in a bloody mess.

Other wedding guests try to break up the fight, but are only successful when the police arrive.

Diamond walks away with banged up knees and a cut-open face, while Mellie adjusts her clothes post-fight.

"I got the best of her," Diamond says, insisting she won the fight.

Adding: "When I'm mad, I go for the kill."

But Mellie remains convinced it was her who came out on top, saying "who's got the marks on them."

"Her face is all messed up," she says, taking aim at Diamond's cut and bruised face.

Despite the brawl, Mellie admits Alyssa still has it coming and says "what Diamond got is only half of what Alyssa's going to get."

Alyssa and Heath's dream wedding come to an abrupt end when they are kicked out of the council courthouse following the public fight outside.

Desperate to flee the scene before the police catch sight of them, the bride and groom make a quick get away along with some of the other guests.

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