EXCL: Ryan Seacrest & girlfriend have 'strong bond' but she shouldn't underestimate his other 'love,' says expert | The Sun

RYAN Seacrest and his model girlfriend Aubrey Paige are "hugely compatible" and share a "deep connection," according to a compatibility expert.

But Cosmic Fusion founder Michelle Bell says "jack-of-all-trades" Ryan "can't survive" without money and success, while Aubrey is used to being the "boss."

Ryan, 48, and Aubrey, 25, have been dating since 2021, and he recently denied rumors that they're engaged.

But despite their 23-year age gap, they're still going strong — and that may be due to their astrological compatibility.

Ryan is a Capricorn Wood Tiger and Aubrey a Scorpio Fire Ox is Cosmic Fusion, an app that combines a person's Western zodiac sign, Chinese element, and Chinese animal.

According to Bell, they enjoy 76 percent compatibility in the app's algorithm, making them a strong match.

Both of their Western signs make them strong-willed, determined, and intense, but Bell tells The U.S. Sun that they have a "deep connection and a strong bond."

However, their Western signs also have differences: A Capricorn like Ryan might find the intensity of a Scorpio like Aubrey "overwhelming," while she might see him as "too rigid or cold."

"Both signs can be stubborn and resistant to change, which may cause issues if they’re not willing to compromise," she added.

Meanwhile, their Chinese elements Wood and Fire are "hugely compatible," giving them a "strong connection" in which they "feed off of one another’s positive energy."

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Their animals are also hugely ambitious, "which is where they’ll see eye to eye the most."

"However, with this combination, the Tiger (Ryan) might find the Ox (Aubrey) too slow and even boring, whereas the Ox can find the Tiger too reckless, impulsive, and unreliable.

"They need to try to find a way to balance their opposing traits."

Of course, Ryan is also used to being the star — but Aubrey's signs make her a success story, too.

Bell said Ryan is "popular, friendly, ambitious, and sociable," a real "jack-of-all-trades."

"You have the Capricorn side of this character, which is solely ambitious and is only ever thinking about their career," she explained.

"Then you have the Wood Tiger, who is one of the biggest social cats of Chinese astrology.

"If they manage to find a way to have those two personalities working in tandem, you’re looking at a very successful, driven character."

Ryan "will be happy as long as the social scene is sparkling away."

"They need something to spark their imagination though, to seriously incentivize them.

"They’ll thrive in an industry that involves socializing with people on a daily basis, which is no surprise he’s carved out a successful career as a media personality and producer."

However, she added: "You should never underestimate Capricorns’ love of money and success, they can't survive without it —which also explains why his net worth is $450 million."

"There is a natural creative talent lying within this soul."

As a Scorpio Fire Ox, Aubrey, on the other hand, is "one of the toughest combinations in combined astrology."

She "wants to rule the universe — everything this character does has success written all over it."

"They are the boss, they rule every last area of their life," said Bell, whose app is available on Apple and Android.

"No one can tell them what to do. Their work ethic is sublime, relentless, efficient, and never-ending.

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"Their ambition and drive and sheer focus will have this one reaching the top of their chosen career.

"This is a focused, tough, bossy individual who absolutely has to succeed."

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