Everyone was shocked at green Haribo's flavour – now they're baffled over white | The Sun

HARIBO lovers were left shocked at the real flavour of the green gummy bears, but it turns out the white ones are equally as strange.

The debate has been ongoing for years, but recently resurfaced with a Reddit post about the green sweet flavour.

Now it turns out that another revelation is on the cards: the white or clear coloured gummy bears are in fact pineapple flavoured.

One Twitter user said: "Never knew the white Haribo was pineapple flavour. Mind blown."

Another commented: "I always loved the white gummy bears the most in Haribo, I looked at the back of the package like last week and discovered they’re flavour PINEAPPLE. no wonder."

Meanwhile one user had been waiting a long time for the answer: "20 years later I have it finally sussed! The white men in Haribo super mix are pineapple flavour".

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Fans have also recently discovered the true meaning of the name Haribo, which was founded by Hans Riegel, from Bonn in Germany, in 1920.

The company's name is an acronym of the first two letters of "Hans", "Riegel" and "Bonn".

It comes after Haribo lovers were shocked to find out the real flavour of the brand's green gummy bears.

There are five flavours of Haribo Goldbear: orange, strawberry, pineapple, lemon and raspberry.

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While most people usually assume that the green sweets are apple or lime flavoured, keen-eyed packet readers have noticed that they are in fact strawberry.

One person posted: "Green strawberry is clearly the weirdest, but is everyone fine with white pineapple???" 

It turns out they are not.

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