Dr Ranj Singh talks Strictly Coming Dancing live tour, coming out and not taking selfies with his patients

I’m a massive fan. People always say: “You smell so nice.” My special event fragrance is Tom Ford’s Oud Wood.

How did you end up on TV?

By accident. I’d worked full time as a doctor for five years and saw an advert for a young people’s doctor on the BBC.

I ended up doing more programmes with different channels then co-created my children’s show [Get Well Soon on CBeebies].

Five years ago I got my dream spot on This Morning and I’ve even co-hosted the whole show with Vanessa Feltz. Mind-blowing!

Do you still work for the NHS?

I work part-time in A&E. The kids are usually not that fazed. The parents can sometimes get a little bit carried away: “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you were a real doctor!” The next question is: “Can I have a selfie?” But I have to decline – not on hospital time.

How do you relax?

I sing in a choir and I go clubbing. I’m also really into Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I watched the original series and the new one is much darker.

Are you chuffed to be on the Strictly live tour?

I was devastated when we left halfway through the series, so when the tour was announced I was over the moon. I can’t wait!

You’re also at This Morning Live in May…

We all get to hang out together as a family and meet the fans. It’s a school outing, a little mini holiday. We all get together in the evening and have a bit of a social.

Do you party a lot with Holly and Phil?

They’re quite private, which is understandable. Recently, me, Dr Zoe Williams, Sharon Marshall, Alison Hammond and Alice Beer went for dinner at Gok Wan’s house, which is so eclectic and trendy you feel like you’re walking into a museum.

Have you babysat Sharon’s baby girl yet?

Not yet! I have offered the odd bit of medical advice. I’m the on-call paediatrician so I’ll get WhatsApps in the middle of the night saying: “I just want to check something…” Holly does that and it’s fine!

You married in your 20s and then realised you were gay at the age of 30. Was that a tough time?

It was a hard process. It was heartbreaking for everybody involved, but it was for the best. I got married because I fell in love with someone and my acceptance and realisation of who I was came a bit later.

Is there a special someone in your life now?

There isn’t, unfortunately. I don’t really have any time! Right now I’m enjoying this moment because it won’t last forever.

What’s next?

I’m filming the third series of my ITV show Save Money: Good Health and we’re working on a diet book that’s tied to it. I also want to do panto this year. I’ve got the bug for performing!

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  • Dr Ranj’s fragrance of choice was Scherzo
  • Ranj is planning three 40th celebrations this year – a family holiday, a trip with friends and a big party!
  • His tipple is a Midori and lemonade when out clubbing.
  • Thanks to Miller Harris (Millerharris.com).

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