DIY fanatic finds DEEP HEAT gets rid of annoying paint marks on door handles and hinges with no scrubbing needed

NO matter how careful we try to be, we always seem to end up with a few accidental spatters whenever we crack out the paint.

But while it's easy enough to tidy up some messy cutting in, getting paint off a metal doorknob is a much trickier task.

That said, one savvy DIY fan has revealed the clever way she removed dried paint from her door handles- and it didn't require ANY scrubbing.

Sharing her life hack on Instagram, Katrina Goodwin wrote: "If anyone is rubbish at painting like I am then this hack definitely comes in handy."

To begin with, Katrina added a thin layer of Deep Heat over the door knob and lock using a toothbrush.

After leaving it for 15 minutes, she then dipped her Minky scoured cloth in Elbow Grease's cream cleaner and wiped it over the area.

Amazingly, the paint marks – which has been warmed up by the Deep Heat -easily wiped off without needing to apply much force.

However, Katrina recommended using a plastic scraper for longer-standing paint marks.

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