Demi Lovato's "Melon Cake" Video Is a Burst of Energy and Colorful Designer Looks to Match

Demi Lovato’s “Melon Cake” Video Is a Burst of Energy and Colorful Designer Looks to Match

Demi Lovato celebrated their 29th birthday in part by releasing “Melon Cake,” which celebrates the singer, songwriter, and actor’s healing journey and progress in mental health. Demi worked with longtime stylist Siena Montesano on pulling colorful designer looks for the production, which was directed by Hannah Lux Davis and photographed for wardrobe stills by Demi’s photographer Angelo Kritikos.

While Demi’s black embellished Dolce & Gabbana suit gets a Western touch from the custom sequined Gladys Tamez Millinery hat, along with an upgrade from Chanel jewelry, their next turn is to a printed Dries Van Noten zodiac shirt, which we can really appreciate. It seems like Demi has a closet full of fun, casual button-downs like the one they chose for this video, and it’s a style move we can definitely get behind.

Demi finishes off the moment by taking on a regal Versace print for a swim and then a gold, metallic number that plays up their sparkly lips. Ahead, we gathered some of the key items Demi wears in “Melon Cake.” Check them out ahead, then rewatch the video to enjoy the catchy sound while you’re left impressed by all the high-fashion moments Demi pulls off so brilliantly.

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