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Interest in astrology has gone stratospheric with millions of us turning to the zodiac to consult our cosmic compass.

Whether you want to know what job you should be doing, where to get a tattoo or if Roger from HR is ever going to propose, the answer could be written in the stars.

Astrology has been around in various forms for thousands of years, but now horoscope junkies like us want to know more about the zodiac than ever before.

So whether you're a limelight loving Leo, sultry Scorpio or MI5-minded Virgo (she keeps receipts), reach for the stars and tap into what the universe is trying to tell you.

Read our horoscopes live blog below for the very latest on what the stars have in store for YOU…

  • Ellen Jenne


    Horoscope today, Wednesday May 26: Daily guide to what your star sign has in store for your zodiac dates


    March 21 to April 20

    There’s a glow in your personal learning zone due to the full-moon eclipse.

    And yes, your sense that you should keep your study options open is spot on.

    A pathway may start unlikely or unsuitable, but switch along the way.

    In love, you’re ready to move on up, and accept romance responsibility.


    April 21 to May 21

    Your Taurus force field is powerful today and people you want to impress, or get closer to, can feel the pull of your personality.

    So yes, it’s time to admit what you really need, because you can make this happen.

    Friends who never seem to grow any older are your key to finding a winning fitness formula.


    May 22 to June 21

    However long they may have lasted, partnerships can still be improved – and your chart puts you in charge of this process.

    So allow plenty of time to consider what would be a fairer and longer-lasting distribution of passion work.

    Your own sign is an example of optimism and energy – you really inspire others.


    June 22 to July 22

    A line of floral flags is a luck signal or may just be a sign that it’s time to celebrate all your skills, not just ones you share in public.

    Putting secret talents to work can wake up your future.

    Your career chart has full-moon magic, and even when you’re put on the spot you express dreams so well.


    July 23 to August 23

    Everything you want to create, and think about sharing with the world, is at the forefront of your mind today.

    You’re ready to recognise how valid your ideas are.

    You have a unique audience waiting to hear from you.

    In love, the one person all your friends seem to be talking about today can be your heart’s soulmate.


    August 24 to September 22

    You’re aiming high and setting love targets because you recognise how much you have to give, and deserve to receive.

    If you’re single, this can change when someone stays behind in a real or virtual meeting, especially for you.

    The lunar eclipse challenges family restrictions – exactly what’s needed.


    September 23 to October 23

    You could have a communication breakthrough when you least expect it today, so don’t give up on getting through to someone special.

    Stay sincere and patient. The other essential is to stick to your values.

    Your Saturn-switching romance chart may select a high-risk love strategy – passion promises to be fun.


    October 24 to November 22

    The full moon flips your cash chart into overdrive and this can flag up expenses, but also a new source of life-skills cash.

    So try not to write off any proposal today, give everyone time and attention.

    In passion terms, love is ready to grow but this means you can’t stay the same.

    Do work out your own inner limits.


    November 23 to December 21

    Your marriage sector is positive, thanks to Venus and the sun, and an eclipse in your personal zone means you overflow with feelings.

    So there can be celebration today, or a deep, definite decision in your most secret heart.

    Confidence in personal ability is growing, and a “D” task can seal the key deal.


    December 22 to January 20

    Learning to love your genuine self is a key Capricorn lesson and today you can take this further.

    Moon power pushes self-doubts aside and can unblock a career path.

    But best of all, you acknowledge your deepest feelings, and share them with all the right people.

    If you’re single, this can include a proud Aries.


    January 21 to February 18

    Your chart of community switches on and you can slot into a special place in a local group – maybe linked to sharing words, walks or both.

    Trying new things is a strong love connector, too, as Venus engages your pleasure zone.

    So letting cares go, and laughing or singing out loud, can be a passion booster.


    February 19 to March 20

    Your success sector is a surprise today, even to you, as ambitions can float to the surface that you assumed had sunk without trace.

    This time the outcome can be different because you are different.

    Your instincts about who to ask for help are so accurate. Family peace comes at a price.

  • Ellen Jenne


    Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual’s life depending on when they were born – from their mood to their personality to what happens in the future.

    It can be pretty complex stuff for the average person and is often referred to as “the language of the sky” – a language only astrologers understand.

    People have been studying astrology for thousands of years, and to become a horoscope reader, you need to get to grips with the basics, by reading books, reading horoscope charts and practising interpretations.

    The horoscopes is an astronomical map that shows the placement of the sun, the moon, and the planets within 12 sections of the sky—the signs of the zodiac.

  • Ellen Jenne


    • Aries star sign dates: March 21 – April 19
    • Taurus star sign dates: April 20 – May 20
    • Gemini star sign dates: May 21 – June 20
    • Cancer star sign dates: June 21 – July 22
    • Leo star sign dates: July 23 – August 22
    • Virgo star sign dates: August 23 – September 22
    • Libra star sign dates: September 23 – October 22
    • Scorpio star sign dates: October 23 – November 21
    • Sagittarius star sign dates: November 22 – December 21
    • Capricorn star sign dates: December 22 – January 19
    • Aquarius star sign dates: January 20 – February 18
    • Pisces star sign dates: February 19 – March 20
    • Ellen Jenne


      Stephanie Trussler, from Worcestershire, admitted she is such a fan of the zodiac she’s made huge life decisions based on what they advise.

      From dating and dumping blokes to moving countries, Stephanie loves her horoscopes. 

      ‘I know people think I’m bonkers,’ she laughed. 

      Read the full story.

    • Ellen Jenne


      After a year of living with uncertainty in lockdown, it’s no wonder many of us are struggling to sleep. 

      So why not take inspiration from your star sign and find the perfect formula to help you relax and drift off into a slumber?

      Whether you like to sleep surrounded by crystals or with aromatherapy oils in the air, bed specialist Time4Sleep has teamed up with astrologist, Lisa Stardust, to reveal how your sleeping habits are connected to your zodiac. 

      Lisa has revealed the top tips to follow in your pursuit of eight hours of rest – or 11 (we’re looking at you Pisces!)

      Aries: 6-7

      Taurus: 8-10

      Gemini: 8

      Cancer: 6-8

      Leo: 10

      Virgo: 7-8

      Libra: 8

      Scorpio: 8-10

      Sagittarius: 5

      Capricorn: 7 (with a 30-minute power nap)

      Aquarius: 9

      Pisces: 11

    • Ellen Jenne

      SURE SIGN 

      Moon sign calculator: How do I find out my moon sign?

      WHETHER you live your life according to the stars, or not, very few people (if any) are unsure about what their star sign is – which refers to your sign of the zodiac according to the sun.

      But just as there's day, there's also night, meaning, we each have moon sign, too – but what does this actually mean?

      What is a moon sign?

      Your star sign is determined by the sun's position at the time you were born, which is said to dictate your personality.

      Your moon sign, however, represents your emotions and inner mood, and according to astrologers, the two go hand-in-hand.

      This is especially true for women, according to Lunarium, since the Moon in astrology is the patroness of women.

      According to starslikeyou.com: "In many ways, your moon sign will describe what you do naturally, and your sun sign will point to what you will develop, as well as who you must become."

      How do I find out my moon sign?

      While your sun sign is easy to determine – based on the date you were born – it's a little more complicated to work out your moon sign.

      Your moon sign is determined by calculating your full date, place and time of birth and finding your position around the moon.

      It moves quickly around the zodiac, visiting each sign for around two to two and a half days.

      Your moon sign is likely to be different from your sun sign – i.e. you might be a Taurus, but your lunar sign might be in Sagittarius.

      Luckily, there are Moon Sign Calculators available online, such as this one from Lunarium, which can help you work out your sign.

      What does my moon sign say about me?

      According to Thrive Global:

      Aries – You are highly emotional, assertive and passionate

      Taurus – You have a penchant for self-care and comfort and thrive in beautiful environments

      Gemini – You value communication and sharing ideas. Art and creativity also emotionally resonate with you.

      Cancer – You are moody but emotionally intelligent. You are happiest when at home.

      Leo – You shine with confidence and love being in the spotlight

      Virgo – You value simplicity and being productive . Emotionally, you’re impacted by details.

      Libra – You prioritise connection and aesthetics and are a natural peacekeeper. You are happiest when spending quality time with loved ones.

      Scorpio – Your emotions and magnetism are intense but mysterious. You often get "hunches" and they're usually correct.

      Sagittarius – You are emotionally connected to the learning process and have a passion for exploration.

      Capricorn – You are emotionally attached to your accomplishments and happiest when achieving your goals.

      Aquarius – You need freedom. You use your emotions to relate to humanity at large. You are independent.

      Pisces – You are emotionally intuitive beyond compare. You are are compassionate and otherworldly.

    • Ellen Jenne


      Stephanie Trussler, from Worcestershire, admitted she is such a fan of the zodiac she’s made huge life decisions based on what they advise.

      From dating and dumping blokes to moving countries, Stephanie loves her horoscopes. 

      ‘I know people think I’m bonkers,’ she laughed. 

      Read the full story.

    • Ellen Jenne


      Black Moon Lilith is the point in the sky that marks the furthest point of the moon’s orbit around the earth.

      Astrologers call Lilith the “dark moon.” Think unresting bitch face— the part of you that flips your lid when your chip your fresh manicure.

      Knowing your Lilith’s zodiac sign can reveal the darker side of your sexuality and where you might start crushing just a little too hard on someone.

      In an astrology chart, Lilith, also referred to as the Black Moon, represents a person’s primitive reactions and attitude – warts and all.

      Read more about it here

    • Ellen Jenne

      ALL RISE 

      How to find your rising sign explained

      WITH so many signs to read in astrology it can get be a bit of a faff checking them all, but you really should know your rising sign.

      This astral ascendent is basically your public persona and the part of you you reveal when you first meet someone. Some folk think it reveals more about them than their sun sign, so let's take a detailed look at how you can find out yours.

      How do I find my rising sign?

      To calculate your rising sign, you'll need to know the precise time and location you were born.

      You can find out your sign here by simply entering your details and letting the cosmic calculator do the rest.

      It's really important the data you input is as accurate as possible as even one degree of latitude out can skew the reading.

      How do I find out what time I was born?

      To find your rising sign, it's crucial to know your exact time of birth.

      Don’t just text your mum and see if she can remember, you need to be super precise about this.

      According to Astromix even minutes matter when it comes to your rising sign, which apparently changes, on average, every 4 minutes.

      This means that no personal horoscope can be accurate unless you know the time of birth within 1-2 minutes.

      The best way of finding out the exact time you made your way into the world is to check your birth certificate.

      Why is the place I was born important?

      In astrology place of birth and time plays an important role. If it is day in Australia, it is night in the UK, so the effect of the sun and other planets is said to be reversed.

      According to goldringastrology, an error of even one degree in latitude when calculating your chart can affect your rising sign.

      The planets and signs in your chart are located in different houses which are said to be affected depending on where you were born.

      The Zodiac is divided into 12 houses, each of which corresponds to a different area of your life, including relationships, career and finances.

      The fourth house for example symbolises family and is ruled by the sign of Cancer.

      What's the difference between the ascendent and descendent signs?

      The descendant sign in your natal chart is the opposite sign of your ascendant.

      Your ascendant, also called your rising sign is the third most important sign, behind your sun and moon signs.

      Our descendant sign, meanwhile, can be described as our shadow side.

      This sign will help to highlight things we have repressed or parts of our personality we may not be proud of.

      Interestingly, we are drawn to the qualities of this sign in people we meet and relationships we seek because, like the cliche says, opposites attract.

    • Ellen Jenne


      Kerry King has revealed the star signs who are most likely to cheat, so is your partner on the list?

      According to the expert, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Gemini and Libra all fall on the ‘just can’t help it’ side of straying from relationships.

      She says: “Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all Fire signs, which means they are ruled, first and foremost, by their passions. They are lusty, spontaneous, dramatic, flirtatious, and attractive.

      “Their sexual energy puts them in the danger zone for affairs, and their leaning towards living in the moment and following their heart (or other bits of their anatomy) makes them vulnerable to making bad choices. 

      “Cancer is a sucker for love, and needs huge amounts of loyalty and affection in relationships. If it’s not forthcoming at home, but is being served up elsewhere, then they are 100% tempted to head where their needs are being better met. They just need love. They are also SUPER-secretive. 

      “Gemini is an out-and-out rascal. Geminis love shiny new things, and hate to be tied down to any kind of routine or humdrum-ness, and that includes relationships. Geminis do it because they can, and because they believe if they can get away with it, then they should. YOLO. 

      “Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, and is the zodiac’s ~people pleaser~, AKA the f***boy of the cosmos.

      “Librans love to be in love, are experts at flirting, enjoy all manner of sexual foreplay, and are programmed to focus on the thrill of the chase, more than the long-term commitment part. A classic heartbreaker.”

    • Ellen Jenne


      Who is Gemini’s soulmate and who are Geminis sexually attracted to?

      SOCIAL butterfly Gemini sure has the gift of the gab so it's no wonder so many of them have fluttered their way into our hearts.

      Born between May 21 and June 20 the sign of the twins is impulsive, curious and infectiously enthusiastic. Let's find out who they are best matched with and who gets them hot under the collar.

      Balancing act

      The three best matches for the Gemini characteristics are Libra, Aries, and Aquarius.

      However, Libra and Gemini are THE perfect match. They are both guided by the element of Air and this should give them a good start for their mental connection and verbal reasoning.

      They're equals interms of intelligence and gregariousness, as well as sharing a common interest in all things cultural.

      Both love to have a good time and have strong communication chops, so it'll be a fulfilling relationship.

      Gemini will also respect Libra’s need to flirt in order to be accepted by other people.

      Not only will they not find this off-putting, they will actually enjoy the upshot of what it brings – their own fluttery freedom.

      Twin the mood

      Gemini and soulmate Libra are both adventurous in bed, so the connection will always sparkle.

      Libra is a sign ruled by planet of love Venus, which is sexual, sensual and seductive, while Gemini is ruled by communication planet Mercury.

      The basis of a good sex life between these two is their curiosity.

      Libra is always curious about their partner, while Gemini is curious about literally everything.

      Although Libra might be indecisive, Gemini won’t have a problem thinking of ways to spice things up.

      Due to their constant curiosity Gemini is also sexually attracted to limelight loving Leo, who loves getting creative in the bedroom.

      Gemini will enjoy basking in the glory of Leo's ego and finds their unstoppable confidence a real turn on.

      These two signs really are a power house when it comes to the bedroom.

      At the opposite end of the spectrum we find Gemini and Virgo who will literally talk each other into bed.

      Gemini is deeply attracted to Virgo's smarts and just loves playing Lois Lane to their Clark Kent.

      Time to dig out those glasses we reckon!

    • Ellen Jenne


      More than half of Brits admit to turning to their horoscopes before making important financial decisions and life choices based on ‘advice’ associated with the zodiac sign.

      Astrologer, Francesca Oddie, said: “People really identify with their star sign and consider astrology a reliable tool for guidance.

      “When it comes to our finances, our horoscope can help us to understand characteristic traits that are reflected in our money management style.”

      In a poll of 2,000 adults, 48 per cent said they are influenced by their star sign’s predictions, with one in three adults using the advice from their sign to make life decisions.

      The research, commissioned by Barclays, found that Aquarius is the most financially confident star sign – with 42 per cent feeling happy with their money managing skills, compared to just 25 per cent of Libras.

      Meanwhile, Virgos are most likely to meet the financial goals they set for themselves and Sagittarians feel most out of touch with their finances as they avoid looking at them.

    • Ellen Jenne


      Astrology has been around in various forms for thousands of years, but now horoscope meme machines are amassing more interest than ever.

      Tarot queen Kerry King tells us: “For some years now, astrology has played the role of therapist, counsellor and decision making aide for millennials.

      “Every generation tends to discover the stars at some point, but, for this generation, it is more than curiosity.

      “Birth charts are analysed, events like Mercury Retrograde are planned around, dating apps using astrological matching are sought.

      “In what is a very uncertain and volatile world, astrology offers structure and sense.”

    • Ellen Jenne


      American banker J.P Morgan who dominated Wall Street during the late 19th century once famously said: “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do”.

      In a time where knowing where your next pay slip is coming from is far from certain, let’s find out which signs need to keep a check on their spending and which will be laughing all the way to the bank.

      Recent research by Barclays bank has revealed that 10.2m Brits will be looking to the stars for guidance after more than a year of uncertainty.

    • Ellen Jenne

      I HEN DO 

      The best hen do for YOUR star sign revealed – and why Gemini will have the wildest bash

      HAPPY couples who'd planned a wedding in 2020 are no doubt relieved that postponed or cancelled ceremonies can finally go ahead.

      And ahead of their big day, brides-to-be can enjoy a night out with their closest pals – but what hen do is right for you?

      From boozy brunches to luxurious spa breaks, it seems your perfect bash before the wedding could be written in the stars.

      Here, the team at Exploresweb has teamed up with their in-house spiritual guide to present the perfect hen do, according to your star sign.



      An Aries exudes determination, is self-motivated and a natural leader.

      Time is valuable to an Aries and as a result, they regard the ‘small print’ of situations and events as a nuisance.  

      An Aries likes to see results fast, they are notoriously impatient, detest delays and instead favour fast paced activity.  

      Your Hen do: 

      Fast paced fun is a must for an Aries and an activity-based hen do is perfect. 

      Whether it's a boot camp style workout or practising extreme sports such as white water rafting where they can practice their leadership skills, a jam-packed schedule that sees them learn new skills will accommodate an Aries perfectly.



      Taurus is synonymous with strategy as those holding the sign love to follow a solid plan of action. 

      An analytical mind, a Taurus can be perceived as stand offish however, it is likely that they are simply assessing the situation before fully committing. 

      A Taurus is often kind, patient and reliable.

      Your Hen do: 

      An activity such as an escape room willgive a Taurus the opportunity to use their analytical skills whilst leading their friends to victory. 

      A hen that sees a Taurus use their brain to problem solve will ensure that they have a good time whilst learning new crafts.



      A Geminiis always on the go and can be easily distracted – and they often mix in several friendship circles and have tried a little bit of everything. 

      A Gemini tends to act fast, be in the know and not likely to stick to a plan. 

      Never ask a Gemini to act their age as they do not have an off-button a like to party, party, party!

      Your Hen do: 

      Cocktail making classes, drinking games and bar crawls, prepare for little sleep and lots of partying with a Gemini.

      A Gemini will want to say goodbye to singledom by giving a nod to the social antics of their single glory days.



      Highly intuitive, a Cancer is overly sensitive to their environment and can easily pick up atmospheres. 

      A Cancer has a hard shell however, they are sensitive beings that are gentle in their nature.

      They can read people incredibly well and are likely to know what you are thinking before you do.

      Laid back people, a Cancerian favours a chilled environment that has a positive impact on their overall wellbeing.

      Your Hen do: 

      Tarot readings, sound baths and Yoga will see Cancer thrive in their hen do environment. 

      Any activity that positively impacts their overall wellbeing and serves as an opportunity to press pause will have a Cancer ready to take the next stages in life.



      A Leo loves the finer things and tends to live a trend led lifestyle.  They love grandiosity and have an enviable Instagram feed. 

      Leading comes naturally to a Leo as they often feel that they know best. 

      As a result, they often give advice even if the recipient did not ask for it. 

      A Leo loves being pampered and being surrounded by their loved ones.

      Your Hen do: 

      A lavish spa break followed by cocktails at the latest Insta hot spot is ideal for a Leo.

      You will find a Leo rocking matching Pyjamas with her bride tribe, coordinating evening outfits whilst making use of their personalised hen hash tag will see a Leo having the time of their life.



      A Virgo is highly creative and hard working. Creative tasks do not daunt them, and they are willing to dedicate unlimited time mastering new things. 

      For this reason, it is no surprise that patience is one of their best qualities. 

      A Virgo is forward thinking and exceptionally good at knowing what is best, making them exceptionally trustworthy.  

      Your Hen do: 

      A hen do that features creative writing, painting and pottery classes will give a Virgo the opportunity to flourish in a creative outlet. 

      Always wanting to try new things, a Virgo will appreciate learning a new hobby that they can practice for a lifetime. 



      A Libra is balanced, social and intellectual.  They love learning new things and are self-confessed book worms. 

      They absolutely love the arts and enriching themselves in cultural experiences. 

      Prepared to partake in lengthy discussions regards plays, galleries, and favourite cities.

      Your Hen do: 

      A city staycation in the likes of Bath or York is perfect for a Libra. 

      Visiting cathedrals, galleries or hospitality venues steeped in history such as Betty’s tearoom is perfect for a Libra.



      A Scorpio is often independent and do not tend to care what others think of them. 

      They tend to be adrenaline junkies and thrive in environments where there are elements of danger. 

      A Scorpio never gives up, they do not lack confidence and they will keep going until they get what they want.

      Your Hen do: 

      Extreme sports will ensure that a Scorpio has the time of their life on their hen do. 

      Whether its sky diving, rock climbing or trampoline, letting off steam through aggressive sporting activities is perfect for a Scorpio.



      A Sagittarius is a free spirit with a wicked sense of humour.  Always spontaneous, a Sagittarius is the kind of person that will go out for a quite drink and wake up in another country. 

      A Sagittarius is often intimidated by the idea of commitment and aims to go with the flow.

      Your Hen do: 

      Good news if you are planning the hen do of a Sagittarius, it does not take much planning! 

      A loose plan with a few bars in mind is perfect as they are happiest when they are just going with the flow.



      Capricorns are grounded individuals that are competitive and self-confessed workaholics.  

      A Capricorn is materialistic and often equates success with product.  Although a Capricorn may seem stubborn, hard hearted or even harsh, they are incredibly sensitive. 

      They will do anything for their friends and favour loyalty above anything.

      Your Hen do: 

      Copious amounts of shopping in the day and some trendy bars in the evening is perfect for a Capricorn. 

      They favour a laid back vibe surrounded by the people they love and prefer a low fuss occasion. 



      Assertive with a sprinkling of eccentricity, and Aquarius marches to their own drum.  They tend to be quite techy, honest in their opinions and deep thinkers. 

      An Aquarius creates their own dream world, blurring the lines between their imagination and reality. 

      Nothing is unreachable to an Aquarius, no matter how farfetched it may seem.

      Your Hen do: 

      A day at the theme park will ensure that an Aquarius puts their imagination to good use. 

      Fun filled frolics at fright nights or light shows is also perfect for and Aquarius as they relish in the opportunity to live in their dream world.



      Wise beings, a Pisces is often the advice giver in a friendship group. 

      A Pisces is likely to think of others before themselves and are incredibly loyal to their friends. 

      They are not materialistic and are known to be spiritual.  If a Pisces is spending quality time with their friends, they are happy.

      Your Hen do: 

      A festival themed garden party is perfect for a Pisces as its low fuss aura accommodates their no-frills nature and presents the opportunity for them to showcase their hippy side. 

      Spending the day making flower crowns, listening to good music, and being surrounded by the people they love is perfect for a Pisces. 

    • Ellen Jenne


      We all know astrology involves studying the movements of the planets, as well as their mythology and overall meaning.

      However, those aren’t the only things we need to know.

      We know there are moons, rising signs and asteroids that play a vital role in understanding a person’s pysche, including their sex life – this is where little-known Lilith comes in.


      The bizarre little symbols we see next to our horoscopes known as glyphs, represent each zodiac sign.

      While they may not immediately resemble virgins and crabs, each sign depicts the zodiac symbol it’s related to.

      Some of the more obscure symbols include Virgo’s star sign associated with a maiden, represented by an ‘M’ shape.

      The two lines in Aquarius’s glyph are thought to represent water while lovers of balance, Libra are represented by a sunrise or a set of scales.

    • Ellen Jenne



      This is the sign astrologers most associate with family, motherhood and homemaking so it’s fitting they’d be inclined to have a huge brood..

      The stars predict that a Cancer mum will have two children, but they will probably be born several years apart.


      Leos love showing off their star power, so they’re more likely to want several kids who lap up the limelight, too. 

      The stars have two to four kids planned for Leos, who will take real pride in raising their pack of cubs.


      Having too many kids could be stressful for detail-driven Virgo, so having one mini-me may be perfect.

      With their lives planned to precision expect Virgo’s child to be well-behaved and polite, well, most of the time anyway.

    • Ellen Jenne


      The best honeymoon destinations for YOUR star sign revealed

      WE reckon the honeymoon is the best bit of a wedding and with the world starting to open up, we thought we'd look at the perfect place to wear your matching swimsuits according to your star sign.

      From a highland fling in Scotland to a vacay in Hawaii that simply screams Instagram, according to jetsetter where you'll get to spend quality time as a couple could be written in the stars.

      Aries: South Africa

      Daredevil Aries is not going to be content with a pedestrian spa retreat or sweating their eyebrows off on the beach.

      This trailblazing sign would have a ball on safari and we recommend one of the stunning South African resorts where you can fulfil a dream while looking cute in khaki.

      Taurus: Amalfi Coast

      Oh, Taurus we know you like the finer things in life and your honeymoon needs to reflect that.

      Lapping up luxury on the Amalfi Coast would be just the ticket for you and just think of all the amazing food – you are ruled by your stomach after all.

      Gemini: Hawaii

      You want a full-on exotic honeymoon, Gemini. Think pineapples, coconuts and…ohh now we want a pina colada.

      The tropical island of Hawaii would be a great shout – we can just see you both doing the hula wearing matching tans.

      Cancer: Scotland

      You're all about the home comforts on a honeymoon Cancer so somewhere close to home will fit the bill nicely.

      How about having a highland fling in bonnie Scotland? Jetsetter advises heading up to the Highlands where you can stay in one of the resplendent castles complete with tartan-clad staff.

      Leo: Turks and Caicos

      Leo, you're going want to be seen by all the right people on your honeymoon and take a heap of grammable photos.

      May we suggest a posh private island on Turks and Caicos? Yes, we thought you'd like the sound of that. According to jetsetter, it's a celeb hot spot so you'll fit right in!

      Virgo: Petra

      Intellectual and detail-driven Virgo will want to feel stimulated cerebrally on their honeymoon.

      Why not follow in the steps of Indiana Jones and explore Petra, the 2,000-year old Nabataean city that’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World?You know khaki's your colour.

      Libra: Spain

      Only the most "Omg this is so romantic!" setting will do for your passionate sign Libra.

      Jetsetter suggests Spain’s Duero Wine Region, where you can stay in a 12th century monastery just perfect for love-struck couples looking for a sultry wine country escape. Bottoms up!

      Scorpio: Ecuador

      You want to escape the crowds and immerse yourself in nature on your honeymoon Scorpio so how about giving Ecuador a go?

      Situated on a 2,500-acre wildlife reserve that fronts the Amazon's Napo River, Yachana lodge is one of the country’s premier eco-tourism destinations and you'll also get a chance to practice your Spanish. Perfecto!

      Sagittarius: Sri Lanka

      Globtrotter extraordinaire you're going to want to go well off the beaten track on your honeymoon Sagittarius.

      What about shimmying on over to stunning Sri Lanka? The exotic island offers out-of-this-world Indian Ocean coastlines, lush tropical vegetation as well as elephant-filled national parks. What an adventure!

      Capricorn: South America

      Your gregarious nature is going to make you want to go full-on explorer mode for your honeymoon, Capricorn.

      Jetsetter recommends star trekking through the Torres del Paine Glacier in Patagonia. Located in South America, some of this country's residents actually speak Welsh after immigrants travelled there in the 19th century.

      Aquarius: Iceland

      This eccentric sign is going to want to go somewhere out of the ordinary to celebrate their nuptuals.

      We think Iceland with its rich history and groundbreaking cultural scene will be just the ticket. It's also on the green list – yay!

      Pisces: Bali

      This spiritual sign will shy away from the glitz and glamour of a traditonal honeymoon.

      Jetsetter recommends the beautiful island of Bali, which offers a diverse culture and tropical weather year round. To tap into the country’s mystery, make Ubud, a magical town known for its rich traditions of music and dance, your base.

    • Ellen Jenne


      Basically, the function of Venus astrologically is to tell us how we gel with people and give and receive love.

      The planet of beauty, love and extreme pleasure tells us a heap of things about the kind of person we are, who we are attracted to and what turns us on.

      It tells us what type of relationship we really need and all the things that give us butterflies.

    • Ellen Jenne


      According to astrologer K C Gupta, every colour has an impact on our lives and there’s colours that are lucky for every star sign and others that each sign should avoid.

      The Holi Horoscope is inspired by the Hindu festival Holi where people take part by throwing coloured powder at each other – the powder, known as gulal, is thought to intoxicate people so their religion and social status don’t matter.

      Here’s what’s in store for your Holi Horoscope for 2021:

      Aries – As Aries is an “energetic and enthusiastic” star sign, the expert says you should gravitate towards reds, yellows and greens to bring “harmony” into your life.

      Colour to avoid: Black

      Taurus – People with the Taurus star sign have a shared love of beautiful things, according to K C Gupta. And so you naturally choose the colours green, pink whites and blue.

      Colour to avoid: Red

      Libra – Libras love the Holi festival and have their celebrations all planned out. In order to match their organised personality, the expert says you should pick lavender, violet, and baby blues to spread the joy of the festival.

      Colour to avoid: Green and Yellow

      For more signs click here.

    • Ellen Jenne

      TUNE IN 

      The power of Neptune in astrology and how the planet influences your star sign

      DREAMY Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun and is invisible to the naked eye. Oh yes, and it rains diamonds there.

      Linked to the God of Sea in Roman mythology, this powerhouse, also known as the blue planet is ruled by Pisces and ultimately encourages us to see and be the best version of ourselves. Ok, great, but when can we get the diamonds?

      The meaning of Neptune in astrology

      We all have 10 planets in our birth chart, and Neptune is one of them.

      Your sun sign shows what you want, the moon reveals what you need and Mercury reveals how you think, but what exactly does Neptune uncover?

      According to YourTango, the blue planet Neptune is associated with dreams and spirituality. It's all about tweaking our compass (sounds painful) to better ourselves.

      However while full of fantasy and whimsy, Neptune is not all fun time Frankie.

      While the planet can inspire exhilarating idealism, if we fail to reach its dizzying heights the come down can be heavy.

      However, reasoning and reality are anathema to Neptune because it's basically in charge of our hopes and dreams.

      Blimey, it sounds intense. To find out which sign your Neptune is in, just check in with your birth chart here.

      Let's see what its impact is on each sign.


      If your Neptune is in Aries you're likely to be a goal digger who will stop at nothing to achieve your dreams.

      However, you can sometimes be so passionate about a project that you fail to see the wood for the trees.


      Neptune is Taurus wants the finer things in life and is not afraid to put in a shift to get them.

      It can take a while to get the ball rolling but once they've grabbed the bull by the horns there's no stopping them.


      Those of you lucky enough to have your Neptune in Gemini will have the gift of the gab and likely see the best in everyone.

      This configuration loves to talk and for this reason is an excellent guest to invite to a diner party.


      Neptune in Cancer feels as the feels and are extremely protective of their family.

      If you know anyone with this chart count yourself lucky because chances they'll do anything for you.


      This powerhouse mix gives a real feeling of gregariousness and glamour.

      You'll very likely be the life and soul of the party, flanked by all your adoring friends.


      Like Cancer, those of you with Neptune in Virgo will do anything to help others.

      You'll just do it with laser-beam focus and attention to detail like drawing out a road map for someone who's lost their cosmic compass.


      This mix wants to stand up for what they believe in.

      Do expect those with this chart to be particularly vociferous during debating and if you get them started on politics, just know you're in for a long night.


      This passionate powerhouse has their finger in all the pies.

      They want to know about ev-er-y-thing to help them on their mission to be as successful as possible.


      Those of us with Neptune in Scorpio, will likely be on a mission to save the world.

      Think eco-warriers and samartians – basically folk who are trying to make a difference for the greater good. Hats off to you!


      This heady mix is ambition and work ethic on sterioids.

      If you have your Neptune in Capricorn, you will probably be blessed with an off the scale entrepreneurial spirit and will stop at nothing til your little legs have got you all the way to the top of the mountain.


      These folk sure do stand out. Not content to fall in line they'll channel all their passions into doing something next level.

      They won't be told they can't which makes them excellent mavericks in the start-up world.


      Think of this combo as Neptune on Red Bull. Positively bursting with dreams and idealism this gang just wants us all to get along.

      Definitely the peacemaker of the group they'll do anything to avoid confrontation.

    • Ellen Jenne


      The bizarre little symbols we see next to our horoscopes known as glyphs, represent each zodiac sign.

      While they may not immediately resemble virgins and crabs, each sign depicts the zodiac symbol it’s related to.

      Some of the more obscure symbols include Virgo’s star sign associated with a maiden, represented by an ‘M’ shape.

      The two lines in Aquarius’s glyph are thought to represent water while lovers of balance, Libra are represented by a sunrise or a set of scales.

    • Ellen Jenne


      From floaty and floral to sexy glam, tarot card reader Kerry King reveals the ultimate outfit guide according to your star sign.

      Aries – According to Kerry, you, Aries, have swagger, so think fashion choices which draw attention – athleisurewear works for you.

      Aquarius – Anything is possible for you in your eccentric, bombastic and crazy world of Aquarius fashion. Think astronaut suits, vintage wedding gowns, see-through vests, cat-ear hats, you wear whatever you discover in the closet.

      Scorpio – Being rich, powerful, and in control is in your nature but these traits are reflected in you wardrobe too. Think couture, designer labels and blingy statement-jewellery – you love to “power dress”.

      Find out about your fashion style here.

    • Ellen Jenne


      Supermoon 2021 dates – when and how to spot all FOUR this year

      FOUR Supermoons will be gracing the night sky in 2021 – the first two have already happened.

      There's still time to note the dates down in your diary so you don't miss out on the remaining bright displays this year.

      Supermoons occur when a full Moon is at its closest point to Earth.

      This means they look very big and bright in the sky and it can be a great time for photographers to capture amazing lunar images.

      The first Supermoon of 2021 appeared on March 28.

      It was called a Super Worm Moon because March's full Moon is always known as a Worm Moon.

      The next was visible in the early hours of April 27 and was called a Super Pink Moon, again due to the time of year and not so much the colour of the Moon itself.

      Then on May 26 we can expect a Super Flower Moon.

      In the USA, the May Super Moon will reach its closest point in the evening of May 25.

      The perigee – which is the closest part of the Moon’s orbit – falls at 9.51pm New York time.

      But the Full Moon’s true occurrence takes place the day after, at 7.14am New York time on May 26.

      In the UK, the Full Flower Moon will occur on May 26 at 11.32pm.

      It will be possible to see the Super Moon on May 25 and May 26 in the UK.

      The Moon will appear full for around three days, from Monday to Thursday.

      The last Supermoon of 2021 will occur on June 24 and will be a Super Strawberry Moon.

      Full Moons can have lots of different nicknames and they're often associated with what farmers would refer to the Moon as at a particular time of year.

      Moonrise and Moonset are said to be the best times to view a Supermoon.

      What is a Supermoon?

      Full Moons occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of Earth to the Sun.

      This results in the lunar surface being fully illuminated.

      A Supermoon happens when a full Moon reaches the perigee, which is the point in the orbit of the Moon when it's closest to the Earth.

      The opposite of the perigee is the apogee and when the Moon reaches this point it will look much smaller than usual.

      Supermoons are said to appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual.

      It wasn’t until 1979 that Richard Nolle first defined the Supermoon, which is now a widely-used term.

      The astrologer explained that the phenomenon is “a new or full Moon which occurs with the Moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit”.

      Based on Nolle’s theory, the moon would have to be around 226,000 miles away from the Earth to be considered "super".

      Because of its relatively close proximity to the Earth, the celestial body’s surface appears a lot bigger when a Supermoon occurs.

      In other space news, Nasa has revealed 2020's top pictures of Earth that were taken by astronauts on the International Space Station.

      Dead alien civilisations could be littered all over our galaxy, according to a new study.

      And, Nasa has announced its first team of astronauts that will be heading for the Moon.

    • Ellen Jenne


      According to our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King what you should be eating could be written in the stars.

      She says: “There aren’t many of us who naturally enjoy and relish the idea of dieting, it’s hard to stick to something based on denial.

      “However, you can give yourself a better chance of success if you can align your dieting technique to your star sign.

      “The personality traits and strengths associated with each sign can lead to a great match with a particular diet that won’t turn you ALL the way off. No pain, no gain… but let’s ease the pain. 

      Find out yours here.

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