Dad's EXTREME obsession with 90s comedy Frasier exposed in tweet that has gone viral on Twitter

When a Twitter user revealed their dad's obsession with a certain American comedy last week, people couldn't believe what they were seeing.

The tweeter – who goes by the username @surgerywaste – snapped a list of the programmes their dad had recorded, including Food Unwrapped, Suits and The Great British Bake Off.

One episode of each show was saved… until it came to Frasier.

He's clearly a huge fan of the 90s classic, having recorded over FIVE HUNDRED episodes.

The post was captioned: "My dad has taped 505 episodes of Frasier. I'd like to highlight that Frasier only has 264 episodes."

The tweeter added: "This is excluding the ones he's watched and then deleted. I've never witnessed such dedication. He must've been taping them for years now."

To be fair, it's likely that the poster's dad has just set his DVR to series record.

This means he'll be picking up repeats and episodes shown out of schedule.

But people still found the situation hilarious, with comments including: "The show so nice, dads DVR it TWICE," and: "Frasier is the best show on television and your father is my new idol."

At least he's sorted for a rainy day, eh?

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