Celebs' awkward tattoo blunders revealed – from David Beckham's misspelt tribute to Posh to Ariana Grande's DOUBLE error

PEOPLE get tattoos in languages they don't speak all the time – which can lead to some awkward blunders.

From ending up with part of the menu from a Chinese takeaway on your arm when you wanted a philosophical saying, to misspelled names, it's more common than you might think.

Even celebs have fallen to unfortunate tattoo errors, showing they're just like us.

Ariana Grande

The Thank U, Next singer is known for her cute tattoos, from Pikachu to butterflies, she's got loads of them.

But when her song '7 Rings' reached the top of the charts she decided to get a tattoo to celebrate, the star got the song's name in Japanese but was failed by google translate and it actually read 'small charcoal grill'.

She laughed the blunder off and had the ink changed to read 'Japanese BBQ finger' instead.

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The Barbados-born singer turned businesswoman also fell victim to google translate with her 'Rebelle fleur' tattoo.

The French tattoo on her neck should say 'rebel flower', but because the adjective is in the front, it actually translates as 'flower rebel'. 

She also has the word 'forgiveness' in Sanskrit inked on her ribs, designed by New York artist BangBang, this tattoo is misspelt as well.

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The neck tattoo is hard to hideCredit: Getty
The singer doesn't seem to care about the blunderCredit: Instagram

David Beckham

The football pro had his wife Victoria’s name tattooed on his arm in Hindi, in what was meant to be a loving tribute, but with an added “h” the dedication seems less romantic.

The star is no stranger to the tattoo parlour, but didn't realise the mistake had been made until it was pointed out by fans.

Of course celebs aren't the only people with horrific tattoo blunders, it happens to the best of us.

Luckily Duolingo is offering to help out with tattoo fails and will get a language pro to check suspicious tattoos with the hashtag #TattooDuoOver.

Simply tag @duolingouk on Twitter or @duolingo on Instagram.

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