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A MUM has revealed her simple tip for putting away washing easily eliminating the need to fold any clothes – and it only takes minutes.

Doing laundry is a necessary but time-consuming job, and if you have kids it can feel like your washing machine is permanently on.

And after washing, all laundry needs to dry, be ironed and then folded away – taking up even more time.

But one mum has revealed her simple yet effective tip for putting away washing in less than 15 minutes.

Leanne, from Brisbane, Australia, regularly shares her tips and tricks with her 20,000 followers on Instagram.

The mum confessed that she’s “not a fan of doing laundry”, so simplified it by using coloured coat hangers.

She added her method also isn’t “labour intensive or boring”.

Mum-of-two Leanne said: “In our household all our clothes are hung up except for our underwear and socks.

“The underwear gets hung up to dry on a peg rack and folded into a draw.

“Everyone has a different coloured coat hanger so that it is easier to put away.

“I hang all our clothes on this clothes rack to dry and then hang them straight into the wardrobe when they are dry.”

By grouping the clothes into colours, she can take each person’s clothes directly into their wardrobe – and they don’t need to be folded either.

She added: “Best of all I can hang the clothes while watching Netflix and I can do my washing no matter what the weather.”

She shared a snap of her clothes rail full of clothes, with blue and pink hangers for her son and daughter.

Leanne says she’s been using her method for the past two years, and she called it a “game changer”.


In my opinion laundries are just as important as kitchens and bathrooms in a house. Up until 3 years ago I had an outside laundry. Fortunately, our new house has an internal laundry which is practical and functional. It is however original to the house so it is abit dated.Thank you @home_style_by_meila for sharing your stunning laundry. Is you laundry internal or outside? . In other news I have been alittle absent from my stories. I have been so busy outside the house that my house has been neglected. I have however kept up with my 5 daily tasks. . 1. Pack and unpack the dishwasher . 2. Wash or put away clothes . 3. Vacuum kitchen and one other room . 4. Make bed (mostly) the kids do theirs . 5.Wipe down kitchen bench plus bathroom every few days. . Follow @raw_homemade for organising and cleaning motivation. If you already follow me thank you. I really appreciate it. . . . . . . . . . #organisationideas#organisedhome#homeorganisation#homeorganiser#professionalorganiser#konmari#declutter#hinchmystorage#clutterfree#getokrganised#tidyhome#inspo#organisingideas#tidyhome#hinchingarmy#hinching#organisingtips#organisedlife#tidyingup#storageideas#homesweethome#interiorstyling#storagesolutions#alifebetterorganised

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She added: “I timed how long it takes me to do an entire 8kg load of washing excluding time in the machine and drying time.

“I have been using this system for about 2 years now and it is a game changer. No more washing baskets scattered around my house.

“Each family member has different coloured coat hangers which I purchased from Kmart.”

Fellow parents have praised her inventive laundry hack online, with one mum hailing Leanne a “genius”.

Another said her tip was a “cool idea”, while this mum said: “Hanging to dry on coat hangers is great.

“I need to hang more and use drawers less!”

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