Brits are having more sex than EVER after Freedom Day, new poll shows

WE are unleashing our lust since the end of lockdown – with couples bonking more than ever.

At the start of The Sun’s Sex Week our study found nearly a fifth of Brits think sex is better now we have been given more freedom.

And a third of singletons have romped since the Government lifted Covid restrictions on May 17.

Today we hear from three couples who lift the lid on their lack of lockdown libido to Freedom Day friskiness. And Sun sexpert Georgette Culley praises bonking Britain for getting back under the covers.

  • Survey of 2,000 conducted by OnePoll

'We had outdoor romps for privacy'

UNIVERSITY student Ella Goddins, 21, and her fiance Andy Woollard, 35, a mechanical engineer, regularly make love in their garden and believe outdoor sex is the key to a healthier and happier love life.

Ella, from Worthing, West Sussex, says: “During lockdown, we were living at my parents’ house and the chance for privacy was limited. That’s when we first started making love outdoors.

“We went for a walk in a forest and, as a newly engaged couple, got caught up in the moment.

“It was so special, and there was no need to worry about anyone knocking on doors or interruptions.

“The birds were tweeting, the sun shining and it was one of the most freeing experiences we’ve ever had.

“Now making love in secluded locations is something we do whenever we can.

“We went to Greece for a short break in between lockdowns and got the chance to make love in sand dunes.

“Yes, I got sand in some odd places but we ticked it off a bucket list of places to make love outside.

“Now we’re living in our own place and our overgrown garden is very private.

“Sex doesn’t have to be enjoyed just in the bedroom.

“Outdoor sex is great for your mental and physical health and orgasms are more intense because of the thrill of being outside.”

'Stress of paying bills took its toll'

HAIRDRESSER Emmerald Barwise, 31, and her boyfriend Leon Hayworth, 30, a stock controller from Manchester, say their sex life suffered during the pandemic but it is now great again.

Emmerald says: “For the first lockdown it was great being at home together all the time.

“We could have sex whenever – and wherever – we liked.

“But after six months the stress of not having an income (as we were both laid off) started to take its toll.

“We argued more and Leon began to suffer from anxiety.

“We went from having sex more than ten times a week to zero.

“One time we did have sex but Leon couldn’t keep it up, he was embarrassed as he’d never suffered from problems like that before.

“We looked online and found out stress could affect performance.

“Our GP suggested Viagra and we got our sex life back on track.

“Leon is no longer popping the pills as he’s back in work and not stressed.

“Last weekend we had sex five times in one night and I had the best orgasms I’ve ever had!”

Leon says: “I’ve got a gorgeous girlfriend so I felt embarrassed that I was struggling to perform.

“Now things are looking up, in more ways than one, and we are like loved up teens again.”

'He’ll play fireman and rescue me'

NICOLE GUNN, 31, and her partner John Griffin, 47, a photographer and delivery driver, live in Greenock, Renfrewshire, with Nicole’s 12-year-old son.

Lockdown prompted the couple to be more imaginative in the bedroom and experiment with role play.

Hairdresser Nicole said: “We like to dress up sometimes.

“I might play the secretary and John will play the boss. Or he’ll be a fireman and I need rescuing.

“It’s a bit cliched but it adds a little sparkle to the evening’s events.

“We’re both very open to trying new things and it’s good to spice up your sex life, otherwise it can get a little vanilla.

“Couples forget that relationships take constant work, including in the bedroom.

“Role play brings a breath of fresh air to our sex life, which is really important.

“If you let things go stale in the bedroom it can affect everything else, too.

“You can buy loads of fun accessories from places like Lovehoney and other online stores.

“We have a jar of ideas and whenever one of us thinks about some sexy scenario we write it down and put it in the jar.

“Then, once a week, we will try out one of them.

“I call it raffle role play, and the prize is a steamy night of make-believe passion. I recommend giving it a go."

We are getting more adventurous in bed

Georgette Culley

HOORAY, we have finally got our mojo back! More couples are having longer and, more importantly, better sex.

Not only have we become more adventurous between the sheets, but we are now more considerate lovers, with sex lasting longer than half an hour.

This is great news but don’t forget, 75 per cent of women won’t orgasm through penetrative sex alone, so always make foreplay your starters before you tuck into your main meal.

While the average couple has sex once a week, it is great to hear a fifth of us are doing it four times or more. An exciting and vibrant sex life is the key to a happy and healthy partnership, so it is heartening to see so many people are prioritising time for one another. But it’s not just couples benefiting from a post-pandemic boost between the sheets.

Lockdown has been especially tough for singletons, but a third of them are rightfully making up for lost time by getting under sexy strangers.

Though it’s not all good news – there are still quite a few of us who are suffering in the sack and scared to meet new people. Come on, we are all nearly jabbed – so make it a summer of love.

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