Brain-frazzling optical illusion challenges you to find THIRTEEN faces in this painting…most can only spot four

A BRAIN-FRAZZLING optical illusion challenges you to find a total of thirteen faces hidden in a painting.

Most people can only see four in the tricky image – how many can you spot?

The complicated painting, created by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak who specializes in optical illusions, shows a beautiful scene in a forest and hides thirteen faces.

At first glance, there are four faces, easily distinguishable as they're located right in the centre of the painting.

The four faces also stand out due to their size as they are considerably big.

Then if you focus on the right side of the painting, there are another two faces positioned right next to each other.


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Our vision tends to focus on the centre of an image which is why it's easier to ignore the two faces, even though one of them is slightly larger.

If you take a closer look at the rest of the painting you'll be able to see four faces between the trees at the back, in the upper half of the image.

If you pay close attention you'll see the eyes, noses and lips of the people.

The last three faces are the trickiest to notice as they are hidden among other faces and trees.

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One is hidden between the tree's leaves on the left side, another one at the back, behind the white horse and the last one is on the right side between the tree's branches.

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