Boohoo is selling £4 nipple covers that look like Christmas wreaths… and shoppers are VERY confused

We'll soon be stocking up on Christmas jumpers and Friends-themed Christmas T-shirts – but we're not so sure about Boohoo's unique offering.

  • Christmas wreath nipple covers, £4 from Boohoo – buy now

The retailer is selling a pair of fetching nipple covers… that look just like Christmas wreaths.

In Boohoo's defence, they are very festive.

They're green and red, with tinsel embellishments and two small gold bells adding an extra dash of Yuletide flair.

At just £4, they're cheaper than a box of Christmas crackers – and you could probably have a lot more fun with them.

But unsurprisingly, shoppers aren't quite sure what to make of the quirky accessories.

Over on Twitter, one comment reads: "@boohoo is selling Christmas wreath nipple covers… stop the planet, I want to get off."

Another person joked: "Yup thanks Boohoo that's exactly what I was looking for."

To be honest, our biggest worry is how scratchy tinsel must feel on the skin.

Call us boring, but we think we'll be far more comfortable in a cosy pair of Christmas pyjamas.

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