Bizarre optical illusion tricks brain when you look at the red dot for 20 seconds – can YOU see it?

MAGICIAN and content creator creator Evan, who is known as 'the card guy', recently shared an amazing optical illusion.

The magic man often shares fun card tricks but this incredible optical illusion went viral, getting over 18 million views on TikTok.

"Don't blink!" Evan said before he showed the mesmerising video, which features a small, square shaped red dot surrounded by various black and white stripes.

The illusionist told viewers not to take their eyes off the square for the entire video for clever trick to work.

After counting down from 10, viewers found that when they looked up from their screen the entire room around them would begin to move.

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The amazing trick works because the communication between your eyes and brain gets mixed-up when looking at the confusing video.

The information your eyes gather, for some reason, doesn't make it to your brain straight away and so you can see things move that are actually still.

By the end of the 10 second count down the striped lines became more difficult to focus on, making your eyes blurry before the illusion had even taken full effect.

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Viewers of the viral illusion were amazed how well it worked: "I have flowers in my room and they literally started growing!"

A second joked: "I think I need a doctor…"

"No way! It works! It was 20 frames per second for my vison!" Another added.

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Another amazed viewer said: "It worked, even your face started moving!"

Whilst for other the effect was slightly less dramatic: "Not moving, but it feels like I'm moving at high speed towards whatever I look at."

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