Bizarre ‘How many camels for your girlfriend’ quiz goes viral on TikTok

A BIZARRE new trend is sweeping TikTok which sees people work out how many camels their other half is worth. 

The animal has historically been seen as a symbol of wealth and power, and now you can find out exactly how many your boyfriend or girlfriend would fetch. 

The quiz, aptly called the Camel Calculator, lets you pick whether you’re appraising a boy or a girl, before asking detailed questions such as their height, eye and hair colour as well as body type. 

It then gives you a number, and the higher the better with 110 seemingly the upper limit for camels, while around 12 is a low score. 

The quiz has been trending on TikTok under the hashtag #camelcalculator, where people have been determining their own worth as well as their partner's. 

People have been sharing their results online, with videos racking up thousands of views as fans jumped on the trend.

The quiz proved so popular the website even crashed, but luckily it's back up and running again.

Sharing their results, one person wrote: “I got 61 and then I did it again and learned if I wasn’t ginger I’d get a lot more.”

Another posted: “Another thing to add to my list of insecurities.” 

A third uploaded: “I saw one girl get 99 camels. I can’t compete.”

Another TikTok user said: “Ladies, have you valued your worth in camels today.”

Somebody else shared: “I expect AT LEAST 81 camels in exchange for marriage.” 

While this fan added: “I saw this today and wanted to try, and I’m now expecting 107 camels.” 

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