Beauty lovers are going crazy over a hidden feature on pencil sharpeners – & it means your make-up will look much better | The Sun

THE TIKTOK beauty community has discovered a secret hidden feature on eyebrow and lip pencil sharpeners.

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook – the three social media giants that not only are entertaining with countless of social media blunders but are also informative.

And now TikTok beauty fans have discovered a hidden feature on make-up sharpeners.

If you have ever found yourself using your nails to remove broken pencil bits that have stuck inside – or vigorously hitting the sharpener against the bin to get rid of them – keep on reading, as this is about to change your life forever…

One Aussie make-up lover, Martha Kalifatidis, took it to the social media giant to share the revolutionary discovery.

''I just wanted to know how many of you know that on your sharpener you have this little stick?''

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The miniature stick, as she demonstrated in the viral video, sits on one side of the tool and can be easily removed to clean off any excess gunk.

After stumbling across the clip, a fellow beauty lover, Crissy (@isacrissy) dashed to her make-up bag to see if her sharpened had the same tool.

And it's safe to say she was mindblown after discovering the tiny feature that most of have probable never even noticed.

''I always just dumped it out. I learn something new everyday,'' she wrote in the caption of her video which has been viewed more than 1.7million times in just four days.

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Just as shocked, TikTok users took it to comments where most claimed they hadn't been aware of the mini tool.

''When i tell you I ran and No cap its true [sic],'' one couldn't get over the new discovery.

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Someone else chuckled: ''I was today years old [when I learnt about this].''

Another wasn't so lucky: ''Dang, I did have one… at one point in time by the looks of it lol long gone.''

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However, there were also some of those claiming to have known about this for a long time, like this person who commented: ''Is this a joke? What else did people think it was for?''

A second agreed, adding: ''You guys have been missing out.''

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