Awkward moment couple’s gender reveal is RUINED before their baby shower – and everyone’s saying the same thing | The Sun

GENDER reveals are a big deal these days with couples asking those conducting their ultra scans to write the sex of their baby on a concealed piece of paper.

The couple then take the note (ideally without looking at it) to a party shop where they will present them with a black balloon to pop in front of friends and family.

Concealed in the balloon is either blue or pink confetti indicating the sex of their child in a flurry of colourful paper and cheers.

But one pregnancy scanning company, seeing an opportunity to be of assistance offered to provide a couple with their gender reveal balloon, but it went terribly wrong.

Dublin's Ultrascan were bringing the black balloon out to an expectant couple when it burst before their very eyes.

The balloon featured the phrase: "boy or girl?" on its latex front.

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An employee had the inflatable clamped under her arm as she approached the pair – but they were left in shock after pink confetti spread around the hallway.

The scan company uploaded CCTV footage of the jaw-dropping incident onto TikTok with the caption: "Gender reveal gone wrong."

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Once the balloon disappeared leaving the pink debris, the couple tried to look away so they wouldn't ruin the surprise.

The receptionist looked mortified by her mistake, while a couple waiting in the waiting room were also blown away by the gaffe.

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While this is obviously not how the couple wanted to discover the sex of their baby, fellow TikTokers all joked that it would be a memorable story.

One person said: "It's actually a brilliant one, they have this memory forever."

Another said: "If this happened to me I'd probably love it because it's something you can always look back on and laugh at, and also, it's rare."

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A third said: "I love how they tried to look away."

While another said: "If this happened to me I'd probably love it because it's something you can always look back on and laugh, and also, it's rare."

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