Ashley Graham's Sister Joins Her For a Swimsuit Campaign, and I Just Got All Emotional

Ashley Graham’s Sister Joins Her For a Swimsuit Campaign, and I Just Got All Emotional

Ashley Graham has been on a roll with her Swimsuits For All campaigns. When she’s not teasing us about the launch of new, sexy bikinis, she’s on set posing for pics, and she even found time to attend the Met Gala in between these moments of getting her glow on. Ashley’s Summer 2019 swimwear brings her sister, Abigail, into the mix. The duo posed together on the beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, showing off Ashley’s new line of two-pieces and maillots that retails under $104. Both sisters weighed in about the experience of shooting together, and each of their thoughts is important to read, especially if you have a sibling like I do.

“Despite our six-year age difference and busy lifestyles, my little sister and I have always been strong presences in each other’s lives. We’ve shared countless memories together and going through our childhood photos was a trip down memory lane. Abigail has always been my rock, and I was honored to have her by my side during this photoshoot. Plus, she’s a new mom and has never looked hotter in a swimsuit!” Ashley said in a press release.

“I love to support Ashley in everything she does, especially when it comes to promoting her message of beauty beyond size. As children, Ashley and I created a very tight bond that we have been able to carry over to adulthood. Every Summer, we would go on road trips together to different states. I’ll never forget Ashley getting stung by jellyfish in Florida. It was hilarious! I’ll forever be grateful for the sisterly love we have for one another and will never forget the special moments we shared during the photoshoot in Punta Cana,” Abigail said.

We love how Ashley brought the empowering notion of sisterly love into the theme of this collection, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately text my own sis to see what she was up to after seeing the photos. After all, we may not have the same taste in suits, but we love to pose together during tropical getaways. Read on to see our favorite snaps from the campaign, then shop Ashley’s brand-new size-inclusive range right now.

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