Asda is selling Harry Potter Christmas bedding – and prices start from £5

Asda has now launched Harry Potter Christmas bedding just in time for the festive season – and prices start from just £5.

From a Hogwarts double duvet set to a Gyffindor house cushion, this magical range is a total must for Potterheads this Christmas.

Along with duvet sets, slogan cushions and snuggly PJS, let's just say Harry Potter fans are in for a huge treat this festive season.

Best of all, the budget-friendly supermarket even has a selection of adorable bobble hats starting from just £5.

And we're nothing short of obsessed with the fleecy Hedwig hat and "Trouble Usually Finds Me" slogan PJs.

  • Harry Potter Reversible Xmas Duvet Set, £22 from Asda – buy now

  • Harry Potter Leviosa Cushion, £7 from Asda – buy now

  • Harry Potter Hedwig Bobble Hat, £5 from Asda – buy now

  • Harry Potter Slogan PJs, £15 from Asda – buy now

Unsurprisingly, the magical range has already proved a hit with fans on social media.

Singling out the "Waiting for my Letter from Hogwarts" blanket, one fan wrote: "I want this blanket so bad!"

Struggling not to snap up the entire range, another added: "Oh hot damn, my bank account is going to be taking a hit."

Meanwhile, one simply wrote: "I need it all."

We couldn't agree more.

For more unmissable Harry Potter merchandise, Potterheads will love Asda's £15 JEWELLERY advent calendar.

Plus you can now get £6 Harry Potter stocking from Primark – and mums are loving them.

And you can now pledge your allegiance to a Hogwarts house with these £4 Harry Potter cushions… and we're Gryffindor all the way.

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