Are you stirring your coffee right & is visiting a pal’s home with no covid test ok? The secret signs you're common

IN the new age of coronavirus there's big questions which need to be answered.

Like can I go to my friend's house not having taken a lateral flow test – or is that really bad form?

Now etiquette expert William Hanson has revealed the answer to them in his opinion… and it isn't good news if you hate taking the tests which provide results in around 15 minutes.

In a TikTok video called 'Three things you have to do to visit guests' he says he believes taking a lateral flow test is a must.

"Etiquette adapts to the times!" he says. "A negative covid test is a must."

Of course, that isn't the only thing William recommends.

He also says you must bring a "hostess gift and sparkling conversation."

William was also keen to address other etiquette issues – including whether or not you should dunk biscuits into tea or coffee.

And the answer, sadly, is no – it is poor form (although he admitted he did it). "Is it correct to dunk? No," he said.

He also revealed the correct way to stir coffee.

"Never round and round," he said. "Instead back and forth.

"Flick the teaspoon above, but no noise."

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