Are you cleaning your microwave right? The 5 reasons why you should wash your kitchen appliances regularly

MANY of us have become accustomed to daily microwave use as part of our busy schedules.

However, we should never be too busy to wipe down or clean or clean your appliances properly, as the implications of not doing this will gross you out.

Although appliances may look gleamingly clean, there is a very important reason why regular disinfecting is needed for areas where food is prepared, according to fox news.

Health protection

In a swab study by Kimberly Clarke, which looked at 5000 locations of various office settings, adenosine triphosphate showed up on 48 per cent of the microwave door handles tested. 

In the test, ATP counts of 300 or higher which means they're at risk of passing on illness. Protect your health first and foremost by keeping appliances clean.

Spreading bacteria

Further research showed that there was a presence of Ecoli inside a swabbed microwave.

The samples were analysed by Julie Torruellas-Garcia, PhD.

Julia said: “We use it [the microwave] to cook our food, but also to defrost meat. Raw meats carry bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Sometimes, the food splatters around the microwave and we don’t always clean it.”


Whether you are in an office sharing a microwave with 30 people or just using it in your own home, it is important to be wary of cross-contamination.

Reheating different meats can cause juices to splash on appliances, and then soften when reheated for other food.

Remember to wipe down after you as you don't know what you could be spreading to the next person.

Fire Hazard

When you ignore those splatters of food on the microwave because you are in a hurry, food particles will gradually build up.

This can be a fire hazard as every time you use the microwave, those particles heat up and could potentially catch fire.

Make sure you give your electrical appliances a deep clean often to ensure this does not happen.


Cooking appliances are like any other surface, if you leave food lying around on them they will eventually start to smell.

Heating up these food splashing over and over again as they age will fumigate your home with an unappealing odor.

Take a minute to clean any spills when they happen or as quickly as possible.

How to clean your microwave

Luckily for you, we have just the video to teach you how to keep your appliances germ and risk-free.

One ultra-clean mum took to her TikTok to demonstrate how to fully clean a microwave.

Posting under the domain @mamaknowsbest the mum says "this is a reminder to clean your microwave charcoal filter."

"You are supposed to change your filter every six months" she added.

The mum shows how to ensure appliance cleanliness in the video that has been viewed 2.8 million times.

"I was today years old when I found out about this" commented one person.

Another said: "Don't mind me, off to take my microwave apart."

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Also, watch Britain’s cleanest man, spend nine hours mopping his kitchen and uses a steamer to get rid of dust every day.

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