Amy Schumer’s Pregnancy Montage Goes Out To Moms Who’ve Been There

Amy Schumer is not one to shy away from sharing the good, bad and ugly sides of pregnancy and new motherhood. The comedian has kept it candid ever since she announced she was expecting her first child with her husband, Chris Fischer. The couple welcomed a baby boy named Gene on May 5.

On Tuesday, she posted a too-real video on Instagram that shows just how rough pregnancy can be. (Warning: If you’re queasy about watching people vomit, this is not for you.)

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In the “Emmy consideration” video, Schumer sits by a serene waterfall.

“I couldn’t make it out to LA for obvious reasons, but I want to wish all the comedians the best of luck because it is such a great pool of comics this year,” she says. “And we all worked I would say probably equally hard.”

What follows is an incredible montage of the pregnant comedian barfing in a variety of receptacles, locations and outfits.

Schumer, who endured hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy, definitely knows how unglamorous the experience can be. She spoke in depth about her tough pregnancy during her Netflix special, “Growing.”

The puking montage was very relatable to moms who had the same condition and even those who just lived through the typical ups and downs of carrying a baby.

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“I had hyperemesis too! Women who haven’t been thru it don’t understand that we are the MAMA MARINES of pregnancy,” wrote one commenter.

“This was my life for 10 months. You’re a legend for bringing awareness to the hell it is,” added another.

Actress Ali Wentworth commented, “An accurate documentary about hyperemisis.”

From her mom-shaming response to her breast pump realness to this pregnancy montage, Schumer is on a roll. We have a feeling we can look forward to even more honest parenting posts.

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