A look at Princess Margaret’s iconic ‘bathtub’ tiara – and its staggering value

Princess Margaret's childhood with Queen Elizabeth reveal

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The Queen’s beloved late sister, Princess Margaret, wore an abundance of fine jewellery during her lifetime. But one item Margaret turned to time and again was her Poltimore Tiara, a dramatic piece of headwear that featured an array of dazzling diamonds. Margaret wore the piece for her wedding to Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960 and on several other high-profile occasions during her lifetime.

The Poltimore Tiara has now left the possession of the Royal Family as it was sold at auction years ago.

But if the tiara was sold again, jewellery experts estimate it could fetch a staggering seven-figure sum.

Jeremy Hinds, Sales Director of jewellery experts F. Hinds told Express.co.uk: “The Poltimore Tiara was sold by Christies in 2006 for £926,400 to a private buyer.

“We estimate its value to be £1.4million to £1.6m if it came up for auction today.”

A photo of Margaret wearing the Poltimore Tiara in the bathtub taken by her husband, the Earl of Snowdon, famously caused quite a stir.

Mr Hinds added: “Designed as a graduated line of cushion-shaped and old-cut diamond clusters alternating with diamond-set scroll motifs, each surmounted by old-cut diamond terminals, to the collet-set diamond line, mounted in silver and gold.

“The tiara was made famous by a photograph of Princess Margaret wearing the tiara in the bathtub, taken by her husband Antony Armstrong-Jones and only released to the public in 2006.

“The image brought attention to Margaret’s Rebel Royal status, which was then explored further through Netflix’s The Crown.

“The Poltimore Tiara’s design allowed it to have multiple uses, which allowed the jewels to be worn in a number of different ways.

“The tiara could be easily repurposed as a necklace or even 11 different brooches.”

Being the Queen’s sister certainly would have come with some perks, including unique access to the monarch’s haul of jewels.

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But as Margaret was known to be a free-spirited member of the Royal Family, it was only fitting that she often wore her own tiara rather than one from the Queen’s collection.

Margaret had purchased the stunning piece at an auction when she was younger, and its distinctly tall design may have been what attracted her to the piece as it gave her added height.

Mr Hinds added: “Made in 1870 by Garrard for Lady Poltimore, the wife of the second Baron Poltimore, the tiara was bought by Princess Margaret in 1959 for £5,500 (equating to £136,164 in 2022).

“Despite her access to the crown jewels as part of the Royal Family, Princess Margaret bucked the usual trend by acquiring a tiara she could lay sole claim to.”

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