19 Times Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Said, "Babe, We're Twinning" Before Leaving the House

19 Times Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Said, “Babe, We’re Twinning” Before Leaving the House

I’m pretty sure that when I get all glammed up in a dress and heels for dinner, my boyfriend throws on sweats just to spite me. (See what I mean?) But Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — my goodness! — they must spend a good portion of their day comparing material swatches. They announced their engagement in 2017, then took on 2018 with a vengeance, obviously pretty dedicated to twinning, if ever a couple was.

You won’t believe how often Harry matched the checks on his tie to Meghan’s plaid coat, and there were clearly plenty of times Harry sighed, “Babe, I just feel like jeans and a blazer,” and Meghan said, “RT.” I don’t know about you, but I’m demanding a couple’s shopping spree this upcoming weekend, and you better believe I’m snapping outfit selfies before we leave the palace — er, apartment.

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