Will Grundy's 'Pub Salad' Zine Explores Every Facet of UK Pub Culture

British photographer Will Grundy has just presented his brand-new zine, Pub Salad, and it explores the grungiest of public houses along with the culture that he grew up in through a tongue-in-cheek lens.

The 64-page project shares a collection of photographs that are underpinned by a selection of “pub salads,” makeshift foil plates of crisps, and open bags of nuts that represent what Grundy believes makes life beautiful: shared moments with other people.

From snaps of run-down pool tables to the faded glass seen in the toilets, Pub Salad celebrates the brilliance of classic British pubs. Additionally, Will Grundy’s new project also explores the individualism of British pub culture, explaining that “the Spanish have tapas, and we have pub salads.”

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You can take a closer look at Pub Salad by Will Grundy above and it is available to purchase via his official website and with select retailers now.
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