Wendy’s Introduces New Hot & Crispy Fries

Continuing to innovate its menu offerings, Wendy’s has now announced the launch of its “Hot & Crispy Fries.” The fast-food chain developed its new fry offering to put an “end to the disappointing, inconsistent fry experiences that other places still serve.”

Reinventing the fry experience, the conception of the Hot & Crispy Fries saw Wendy’s explore everything from equipment and operations to training and the potato itself. Testing 20 different cuts and shapes, Wendy’s landed on an optimal design built for heat, protection and crispiness. The fries are natural cut with skin on and hold a shape that retains heat and enhances crispiness while withstanding dipping.

An important part of the development for Wendy’s was ensuring the same quality in-restaurant experience is met when ordered via drive-thru or delivery.

Additionally, in a national preference test, consumers preferred Wendy’s new Hot & Crispy Fries over McDonald’s French Fries nearly 2:1.

The Hot & Crispy Fries is now rolling out at Wendy’s United States locations with plans to have them in all restaurants by October. Wendy’s will then bring the fry experience to Canada and select international markets before eventually expanding globally.

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