Wait, Where's Meghan's Engagement Ring?

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and husband Prince Harry’s royal tour of South Africa has been a glorious parade of baby Archie photos, inspiring speeches, and — hold up, missing engagement rings?! Meghan was spotted without her engagement ring while on tour, and the good people who stan the royal couple need to know why.

Happily, it looks like Meghan’s new choice of jewelry was strategic. Typically, the Duchess wears three very important rings: her wedding band, her engagement ring, and the eternity ring Prince Harry got her as a one-year anniversary gift. In South Africa, she’s missing the latter two, wearing her wedding band paired with a Jennifer Meyer turquoise ring instead.

So, why has she left her usual rings at home? A source tells People that Meghan didn’t want to appear too flashy while meeting people on her tour. Honestly, that sounds a lot like Meghan, so we’ll buy it. Also, given what her engagement ring and eternity ring look like — pavé bands, diamonds everywhere — it’s not a bad idea to wear something a bit more understated.

Of course, critics of Meghan may inevitably disagree and say she’s somehow betraying the royal family with this move. But we appreciate Meghan not trying to flaunt the royal family’s wealth all over the world. Also, traveling with very expensive jewelry is stressful!

Ring drama aside, it seems like the royal family is absolutely flourishing on this trip. Even flying to South Africa with 4-month-old Archie wasn’t enough to create conflict, with Prince Harry insisting he was “not grouchy, just exhausted” after the flight, and Meghan gushing that her husband is “the best dad.” Wear whatever rings you like, Duchess — clearly, whatever you’re doing is working.

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