Volvo Is Working on Developing Full Self-Driving Semi Trucks

Swedish automaker Volvo has now unveiled a prototype of a self-driving semi-truck which it hopes to ultimately bring into production for the North American market as a step towards greater sustainability.

While specific details revolving around the semi remain scarce at this point, the vehicle itself is based on the company’s existing long-haul VNL model. The Class 8 truck will be outfitted with Volvo’s very own Aurora Driving technology in order to give it full autonomous driving under a Level 4 classification or beyond. Noting that safety is paramount for self-driving cars, Volvo will also be focusing efforts to strengthen performance and durability, introducing what it calls “a redundant safety-based solution” to improve operational reliability through features such as Volvo Dynamic Steering and automated transmission (I-Shift).

“Volvo Autonomous Solutions is proud to take our first, major steps toward the autonomous Volvo VNL in North America,” said Volvo Autonomous Solutions president Nils Jaeger “Our long-standing customer base and their priorities are at the forefront of our path forward in shaping autonomous trucking. We strongly believe in a future in which safe, sustainable, efficient transport solutions are essential for any society to prosper, and autonomous commercial trucking is an important piece of that transformation.”

As a prototype for now, Volvo hasn’t revealed exactly when the first production vehicle will arrive, but the company says it will speed up development for self-driving solutions.

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