Vincent Leroy Turns Electronic Device Lenses Into a Massive Optical Constellation

Vincent Leroy often traverses to the far reaches of Earth and his own imagination to create otherworldy installations that prompt the viewer to slow down.

Having recently experimented in Fjallsárlón, Iceland for his Anamorphosis study, the French artist returns to his birth country in a new work dubbed Solar Lens.

Housed in front of a Parisian mansion, the latest installation is comprised of optical lenses similar to those found in various electronic devices and is made to aesthetically resemble a large gem stone.

Leroy explained in a statement:

“The goal was to keep a maximum of transparency. During the day, its transparent surfaces reflect the natural light, blend into their surroundings and, at the same time, disrupt our perception of it. At night, the piece lights up and appears like a cosmic diamond, both precious & enigmatic. In an almost imperceptible movement, its facets overlap and create a kaleidoscopic effect where the historic mansion reflects, diffracted, moving and magnified.”

Solar Lens is a fitting addition to Leroy’s iconic survey at the intersection of poetry and technology.

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