Tres Generaciones Celebrates 50 Years With Star-Studded Event and New Online Platform

Premium tequila company Tres Generaciones recently celebrated 50 years in the game with a private star-studded event in Hollywood that featured performances by Victoria Monét, who sang tracks off her upcoming album, Jaguar II, along with acts by singer Immasoul and DJ sets by Soulection‘s Joe Kay and Cory Townes, the latter of whom is the son of legendary turntablist, DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The event also marked the launch of Familia Tres, celebrating the next generation of influential creatives, along with a new online platform, aptly titled GENERACIONES, which will spotlight exclusive interviews, profile pieces, cocktail recipes and more. Dubbed by the brand as a “journal of shared experiences and memories under one roof,” the website will serve to bridge different time periods and cultures, while celebrating the many “dreamers and go-getters” who continue to overcome obstacles to their success.

As such a meteoric figure within the world of R&B, it would surprise many to hear of Monét’s shyness early on. “If I ever sang for anybody, I’d ask them to turn around. Like, I didn’t want them to look,” she recalled. Just as intrinsic to her voice and bravado, perseverance has been a hallmark throughout the 30 year old’s career, leading her to create disco-laced tracks with Khalid and Grammy-nomiated songs with Ariana Grande.

Similarly, Immasoul, whose real name is Adriana Mercado Asencio, is an Afro-Mexican singer who explores her dual identities through romantic ballads that are infused with pulsating Caribbean rhythms. Transcending just her own career, Immasoul assumes a responsibility within her musical journey; namely, to amplify the voices of fellow Afro-Mexican figures. “I’m never going to fit in a place because I have to make my own,” she asserted in the past. “That’s my mentality: To just do my own thing.”

Donning the first digital cover of GENERACIONES, Monét and her contemporaries share stories of process, perseverance, and triumph. A pursuit to get back up, regardless of what life throws you. Keep track of the site’s latest stories here.

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