Tomokazu Matsuyama Will Drop Another Print With Avant Arte

For those of you eagerly awaiting Tomokazu Matsuyama‘s forthcoming print, Daylight Away, the artist will be releasing another elaborate work the same day.

If I Fell From Me To You follows the artist’s exploration into identity amidst the frenzy ushered on by the internet age. Traditional European damask patterns and Japanese floral motifs are delicately juxtaposed together with gold leaf and high gloss varnish. Appropriation in art has become a divisive topic in recent times. However, Matsuyama notes that instead of copying other work, he samples and pays respects to his peers and those who’ve come before him.

In conjunction with Avant Arte, If I Fell From Me To You sizes at roughly 36-inches wide and comes with a framing option to match its bespoke shape. The artwork is an edition of 100 and will release on Avant Arte for €4,500 EUR / $5,122 USD on December 3.

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