This Striking New Portrait of King Charles, Prince William, & Prince George Captures the Future of the British Monarchy

There was a lot happening during the Coronation of King Charles III. The day was full of pomp, circumstance, a touch of drama and scrutiny, and so much more. But the most significant element of the day had to be all the historical implications that came with crowning King Charles as England’s new sovereign. All of that history, and what it means for the continuation of the British monarchy, was captured in one photo and featured the current king along with his son Prince William and grandson Prince George.

The portrait, photographed by Hugo Bernand, features King Charles on the throne with Prince William to his right and Prince George to his left. “The King with The Prince of Wales and Prince George of Wales in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace on Coronation Day,” reads the caption to the photo on the royal family’s official Instagram account. It goes without saying, but this isn’t just a family portrait — it’s a snapshot that captures the future of the British monarchy.

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Prince William will one day succeed his father as King of England, just as Prince George will one day ascend the throne after his father. The photo brings together one king and two future kings, signifying the next three generations of the monarchy. It’s an incredibly special image, not only for the House of Windsor, but for England’s global presence as well — this is what the present and future look like.

All that said, we’re sure each generation will mold the monarchy to suit them. We’ve known for some time that King Charles will introduce a more slimmed down, modern monarchy during his reign, and Prince William continues to serve as the bridge between the royal family and the public. What an experience it will be to watch this history unfold before our eyes.

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