This Is Us Season 5 Won't Premiere Until November, but It Will Be Worth the Wait

This Is Us season five finally has a release date, and we couldn’t be more excited to cry our eyes out. The only catch? It’s still a long ways away. While previous seasons have premiered in September, due to delayed filming because of the coronavirus pandemic, the upcoming season will now premiere on Nov. 10. There is good news, though: the premiere will be two hours long. Yep, that means you better stock up on double the tissues.

The show certainly has a lot of ground to cover when it returns. At the end of season four, we learn that Kevin is expecting twins with Kate’s best friend Madison. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, we also learn that he’s married in the flash-forward. Plus, we still don’t know who Nicky is married to in the flash-forward or if Kate and Toby are even still together. November can’t get here fast enough!

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