The World’s Largest Astronomy Museum Has Opened in Shanghai

China has unveiled an out-of-this-world astronomy museum in Shanghai. Serving as the largest-ever museum of its kind, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum is designed by the New York-based architecture firm, Ennead Architects and boasts a massive 420,000 square feet of futuristic decor, as if you were entering any of your most-cherished sci-fi film settings.

The cosmos seem to have come down to Earth in this spaceship-looking monolith that was in part inspired by the fluidity of the universe. More than just an impressive architectural feet, however, the building works in unison with the “path of the Sun across a day, and the changing solar altitude in our sky through the seasons,” states the museums designer, Thomas Wong, in a past statement. From the museum’s center Oculus and cosmic Sphere to the Inverted Dome on its rooftop — the display and exhibitions on view at the Shanghai Astronomy Museum are nothing short of breathtaking.

Speaking on why there are no straight lines in the building’s design, Wong states, “There are no straight lines or right angles in space.” The museum which is located in the Lingang area of Shanghai, is a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and is now open to the public.

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