The Wilds: We Have a Sinking Suspicion Something Bad Happened to Nora

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Season one of Amazon’s The Wilds left viewers with plenty of loose ends to tie up, but perhaps the most pressing, lingering question is what happened to Nora? Rachel’s brainy, quiet twin (played by Helena Howard) ended up being the missing piece in the twisted Dawn of Eve puzzle. She was an inside woman for the team observing the stranded girls, feeding them info from the ground and asking for backup. This puts her in a precarious situation with Leah, the only survivor who discovers Nora’s secret, and the team behind-the-scenes.

Over the course of the season almost every participant was interviewed after their “rescue” except, notably, Nora and Martha. During Rachel’s interview, she asked if her parents knew “what happened” to her sister but it’s never clear exactly what the comment means. This doesn’t bode well for Nora, especially since the dark themes of the show suggest there’s something dire tied to her fate. However, all we can do right now is guess. We’ve rounded up some of our best theories, below:

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