The Story Behind "Lightyear," Explained

Image Source: Everett Collection

Can you believe the first Toy Story movie was released nearly three decades ago in 1995? Many of us watched the films growing up, and the franchise is still going strong today. The newest movie from the franchise is a spinoff about Buzz Lightyear that just hit theaters on June 17.

The first teaser for “Lightyear” arrived on Oct. 27, 2021, and while fans were blown away by the beautiful animation, the most talked-about detail was Chris Evans voicing the space cadet — a role originated by Tim Allen. The Avengers star addressed the change on social media, where he revealed he would be portraying a new version of Buzz Lightyear.

Since he’s not the same space ranger we know and love, you might be wondering if “Lightyear” is an origin story. It turns out that Evans was just as confused when he was approached with the idea of voicing Buzz Lightyear. In a December Instagram post, the “Captain America” star wrote that “no one could ever touch [Allen’s] performance,” and that he initially wasn’t sure how he could fit into the Toy Story universe. “I needed to know how this character was different and why this story was worth telling,” he added.

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