The Sims 4 lets you build a baby with infant update

Not only do babies in The Sims 4 now become infants, but you can customise them however you like, in a new first for the series.

A long standing complaint from The Sims 4 fans is that babies may as well be inanimate objects, given how they don’t act anything like a regular sim. Plus, once enough time passes, they jump straight into becoming a fully formed toddler.

EA and Maxis have been promising an update that would add an infant stage for a while, and said update is finally here and is set to make in-game child rearing more involved.

With the update, babies (which have been renamed to newborns) will grow into infants, freed from the shackles of their cribs and able to crawl around and interact with the environment and other sims in new ways.

This isn’t the only thing the update brings, though. Aside from the traditional ‘woohoo’ method and adoption, there are two new ways to get yourself a newborn and both involve you essentially customising one.

The first is a feature available on your sim’s phone that lets you make what the game calls a science baby. This allows a sim to have their own baby without going through a pregnancy, or you can have two sims (be they romantically or platonically involved) combine their genetic material and see what sort of baby you get out of it.

The second is via the create-a-sim tool which just lets you build the exact kind of baby you want. As EA and Maxis point out, this is the first time in the series that players can fully customise a sim so young, right down to its hairstyle, outfit, and personality traits.

The update has also added more décor options and furniture for making nurseries with, including different types of cribs like a travel crib suited for sim families that are frequently on the move.

The newly renamed newborns have seen some changes as well. For example, they’ll only remain in this stage for a couple of in-game days before growing up into infants and have been visually updated to have the same range of skin tones as everyone else.

It’s quite the significant update and the best part is that it’s completely free, so no need to crack open your wallet for it. Although the new Growing Together expansion that drops tomorrow will cost you £35.

‘With today’s addition of infants – a brand new life stage – we hope you’ll agree that we’ve lived up to our objective, and that you’ll find infants to be the best little sims you’ve ever experienced in a Sims game,’ reads a blog post about the update.

‘Infants were a special project for our team to work on, and we hope they’ll bring fun and joy (or for some of you, an entirely new level of challenge) to your time playing The Sims 4!’

There’s no mention of any future updates, but you can certainly expect more to come. After all, The Sims 4 only went free-to-play last September and The Sims 5 isn’t coming out any time soon.

The Sims 4 is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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