The Raven GT Is a V12 Supercar That You Can't Drive, Because It's an NFT

Raven Cars is the world’s first luxury automaker to make a car that doesn’t physically exist, because what you see above is indeed an NFT. Dubbed the Raven GT, this low-profile, would-be V12 supercar is destined only for your screens and digital car garage, as it aims to not only bridge the gap between reality and your dreams but also open up a more accessible form of NFT adoption.

Per the brand, the Raven GT is “born from love for supercars, shaped by passion for high quality design, conceived by expertise in automotive modeling, realized with last generation technologies.” Quite frankly, it’s a very good-looking and convincing supercar concept, and if the prototype was real it’d have a lot to offer potential drivers.

For example, the V12 produces 789 BHP, 529 lb.ft of torque, and hits 62 MPH in 2.9 seconds before going onto 211 MPH. Weighing only 1525 kg, this petrol-powered hypercar sends all of its power to the rear wheels via a seven-speed automatic gearbox. If only it was all real.

Regardless, what you do get is a limited-edition digital NFT copy of the car, and while the number of NFTs up for grabs is yet to be disclosed, what we do know is that you’ll definitely have a slice of this 3D mastery. The Raven GT channels lots of other cars in its design language, from a DS-like front grille to Jaguar-esque lights, Tesla Model S-likened rims to the swoopy lines of an Aston Martin DBS. While none of this is definite, the visuals are clearly inspired by great automotive machines.

Take a look at the Raven GT above, and find out more online before it releases on OpenSea.

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