'The Handmaid's Tail' RECAP: June and Janine Escape Death and Find Freedom in Milk

Everyone loves riding a train right? WRONG. You are wrong. Not if you are June and Janine and just watched your friends get killed, and then have to escape on one and accidentally fall into a vat of refrigerated milk. Is that how milk is transported?! But seriously, this is The Handmaid’s Tale, so June can catch a train but she can’t catch a break. She and Janine almost drown in milk and freeze to death. But before we get to that dairy madness, let’s quickly review what happened in the first three episodes of season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale. June and the girls escaped and spent some time on a nice peaceful farm. Okay, it wasn’t peaceful. June came back from the brink of death to go through actual hell in episodes two and three.

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