The Best Kids Holiday Movies You Should Watch Now

 We’re approaching a holiday season like no other, the end of a long, long year that no one saw coming — so can you blame us for wanting to spend it glued to the couch watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat? No, you cannot, and that’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate family holiday viewing list. These kid-friendly picks guarantee you won’t suddenly be reaching for the mute button, but offer something the whole family can enjoy, from old-school classics like White Christmas to newcomers like Netflix’s Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey and Alien Xmas. 

After all that 2021 had to offer, there’s nothing that sounds better than a movie you know half by heart, a guarantee that Christmas will be saved before the credits roll, and the knowledge that not even COVID can take the glorious tradition of holiday movie binge-watching away from you — though it may look ever so slightly different from years past. For one, don’t expect Charlie Brown to pop up on cable — that’s only on Apple TV+ this year, available for subscribers (so schedule your viewing wisely).

This year is setting out to be a streaming kind of Christmas, which gives you all the more freedom to make the perfect movie playlist for your family. Though delightful new additions come out every year, the heart of these holiday movies are all the same: family, the joy of giving back, and the spirit of togetherness. Oh yeah — and just a touch of holiday magic.

Let yourself be swept away with these family-friendly holiday picks.

A version of this article was previously published in October 2020.

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