Take a Hike With Bottega Veneta's $1,550 USD Lug Lace-Up Shoes

Matthieu Blazy‘s Bottega Veneta is a subtle one, doused in luxury and refinement, but it knows how to capture the attention of a more relevant audience with particular thanks to its footwear designs. Now, fresh from the Pre-Spring 2023 collection, Bottega Veneta drops its silhouette of the season, dubbed the Lug Hiking Lace-Up Shoe.

Coming in “Black” or a rather delicious “Fondant” shade, the glossy 100% calfskin leather shoes welcome the House into a world it’s previously not explored — hiking. Sure, boots like the Puddle and Tire are perfect for heavy-duty tasks, but most were found on the feet of fashion week goers, not the hills. While this is likely the same destiny for the shoes you see above, Bottega Veneta has made notable inclusions on the shoe that means, should you wish you go off-piste, you can.

“Vintage Silver” hardware hooks rope laces in place, while a 2.2” platform sole unit is lugged with large, grippy components perfect for tackling harder terrains. However, for days around the streets, a plush leather insole — which is branded, of course — should provide you with all-day sumptuous comfort, as should the padded heel.

Bottega Veneta’s Lug Hiking Lace-Up Shoe retails for $1,550 USD and can be bought online or in boutiques now.

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