Sunni Colón Explores Relationship Between Creativity and Technology with Xiaomi

Tech giant, Xiaomi recently dropped its latest flagship smartphone range, the 12 Series. To commemorate the new release, the brand has tapped a range of global creatives to explore the impact of technology on their creativity.

In this episode, Xiaomi spoke to the Los Angeles-based artist Sunni Colón ahead of his newly released album JúJú & The Flowerbug. Describing the steps of his tireless creative process, the artist says, “[It] starts and usually ends with a lot of me — whether it’s in my room or in my living room or outside somewhere and by the beach. I would just set up right there.”

As well as being mounted with three cameras for the perfect shot, the new Xiaomi 12 Series is complete with a pro-grade audio system. Built with SOUND BY Harman Kardon, the phone creates an immersive audio experience with crystal clear listening quality. Speaking on the phone’s new features, Colón says, “It has a lot of elements to it that a lot of phones don’t. The cool thing about the device is it’s focused on sound.” As a musician that’s always traveling, this helps with his approach to making a new track, “For artists like me on-the-go, that record anything whenever. I’m humming in the car, humming by the piano, I’m humming anywhere. So, it’s essential to have a phone like this.”

Watch the video with Sunni Colón above. For more information, or to shop the new Xiaomi 12 Series smartphone, visit the brand’s website.
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