Spanish influencer Elena Huelva dies after cancer aged 20

Fans are in mourning after it was announced influencer Elena Huelva has died. 

The Spanish content creator, who publicly shared her battle with a rare form of cancer, died this week at the age of 20. 

Her family reportedly confirmed the news to Spanish publication El Mundo, saying in a statement on Wednesday: ‘Since this morning, Elena has been dancing for you and looking at you from her star. Thank you for everything.’ 

Paying tribute to the late campaigner, one fan tweeted: ‘I’m literally a river of tears…. This girl was a true example of strength, resilience and perseverance. She was a warrior. The sky gained another beautiful angel today. Rest in peace Elena Huelva, we will never forget you. 

‘Tus ganas ganan, siempre.’ 

Another said: ‘Rest in Peace..Elena! You are to Heaven now.’

It comes just weeks after Huelva shared her final farewell to fans after documenting her battle with Ewing sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that affects bones or the tissue around bone, since she was diagnosed in 2016. 

In a video posted to Instagram early December, Huelva explained in Spanish according to the Mail Online: ‘They found more disease in my windpipe, which is very dangerous, as you know, because that’s where we breathe. I don’t need to say much more.

‘No matter what happens, I know that my life has not been in vain because I have fought and I have achieved what I want, to [bring awareness to the disease].’ 

However, she concluded on an optimistic note: ‘I want to make it clear that I’ve already won. With all the love and people I have by my side, I’ve already won. 

‘At the end of the day, life is about living and making memories with people, and I take away many good memories with lots of wonderful people and many other things.

‘I would like to thank you for all the affection you have always given me. I love you.’ 

She returned to social media on January 1 with a selfie and a heartfelt message, which said: ‘Today I woke up not in the best way, in fact, nothing good, a big scare. 

‘These are very difficult days, they are becoming more and more complicated, but as you know I am stronger, and more complicated! 

‘My desires win.’

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