See the Game Boy-Era ‘Pokémon Red’ and ‘Blue’ Reimagined in Dreamlike HD-2D

A Pokémon fan has reimagined what the games would look like in HD-2D, a style that combines classic pixel art with 3DCG. Square Enix made its mark with HD-2D with the video game series Octopath Traveler, going so far as to trademark HD-2D.

Pokémon Red and Blue are now receiving the same treatment in Unreal Engine 5, courtesy of avid gamer and 3D artist Dott. A new video showing the Game Boy-era games in HD-2D offers a glimpse of what Pallet Town and Vermillion City would look like in the surrealistic style.

Dott offers a tour of the games’ environments, which appear as fuzzy, dreamlike havens. The artist even steps into the house of the player in Pallet Town and traipses across the bridge in Vermillion City.

The full series of HD-2D videos are available to watch on Dott’s YouTube. While the clips were posted months ago, they’ve finally caught the attention of some nostalgic fans.

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