© SAINT M ×××××× FW21 Is Packed With Religious Motifs and Vintage Flair

Following the release of the HBX exclusive T-shirt, Yuta Hosokawa and Cali Thornhill Dewitt‘s © SAINT M ×××××× (Saint Michael) label has just dropped its vintage-inspired Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

Dubbed “War in Heaven: Battle of Heaven,” the first release is set to feature T-shirts and caps with catchy and religion-themed graphics such as angels and Virgin Mary. Some pieces are boldly printed with the company’s branding in the form of “sm,” SAINT xxM×××,” and “Saints.” Noteworthy pieces are in the form of the white T-shirt printed with “Say a prayer and get lost in the flames” with angels enclosed in a pink heart, and the charcoal T-shirt with LEGO Jesus Of Nazareth at the front and “resurrection” at the back. Retro flair is added throughout the assemblage while seamlessly blending in a modern aesthetic.

Available from July 10, the first installment of © SAINT M ×××××× (Saint Michael) label Fall/Winter 2021 collection will be purchased at select retailer in Japan.

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