Russell Grant predicts whether love and romance are in your stars for 2019

Aquarius – January 21 to February 19

If a close friendship or relationship has been making you stifled, maybe it’s time for change or become as one on a totally different level.

You need to relax, be yourself and pursue your dreams without anyone asking why, how or when?

Your vitality and virility rise between January and April: being able to escape a restrictive situation is liberating.

Someone you meet professionally or through a relative introduces you to a person who totally intrigues you and you them.

Sexual sparks fly in warm up winter when you bump into a male or female who appreciates your unique personality.

Pisces – February 20 to March 20

A friendship is set to undergo a marked improvement.

Opportunities to get ahead will come through attending social and official functions between Jan and June.

Mixing with positive people will uplift and inspire you: building a social network of like-minded buddies is more than advantageous.

Spending time with more imaginative people gives you a fresh outlook in the summer.

Travelling with a view to love in November helps you reconnect, emotionally and physically.

Home is where your heart is as the year ends.

A romantic relationship is all about shared devotion which makes you feel more wanted than ever.

Aries – March 21 to April 20

Springtime romance is favoured if you are looking for love. A permanent relationship could be formed through a social whirl or get-together.

The re-introduction of an old flame might bring things to a fore or perhaps your passions rise with someone brand new. An international connection could set your desires on fire, especially if you meet a person from a different country, culture or creed to your own.

Close encounters of the erotic kind will bring a summertime fling, while there’ll
be excitement, optimism and laughter galore thanks to an autumnal tryst.

Taurus – April 21 to May 21

Taking risks and changing direction gives you a welcome break to express your nurturing side as 2019 begins. It’s your big chance to lavish attention on your partner, a child, pet or favourite relative.

Cultivating love will bring out the best in you during spring as a relationship requires patience, consideration and care.

You possess all these qualities and love is your cue to bring out the best in
you. A close friend will make a poor decision between Halloween and Christmas. When they realise this, they’ll need your advice. Be ready with alternative ideas and suggestions.

Gemini – May 22 to June 21

With Jupiter in your relationships zone, the prospect of a close partnership looks bright.

Expect good news to come your way this year regarding a joint issue or plans you’re making with someone in your life.

A secret affair might not be so secret as time goes by: don’t make any sudden moves when a platonic friendship turns steamy. Stay in the moment and enjoy the sensation of giving love and being loved.

Social activities, romance and teamwork will bring rich rewards in the autumn. You’ll want to hide away from it all as you become reclusive as 2019 ends.

Cancer – June 22 to July 23

Taking part in group or educational activities expands your social circle early in the new year. You get to meet a plethora of interesting people – working with arty types will be stimulating. A change of scene is the ideal menu to keep you busy.

There are new interests and people to keep you busy between May and September. The ‘chase’ is always stimulating – be the pursuer if you want to get to know someone better come October.

Your best friend or partner will be in the money during the latter part of 2019 and you could well benefit.

Leo – July 24 to August 23

You love to love and there’s increased excitement in
the air in January.

The romantic vibe around you gets stronger as the year moves on. You’re in the mood for partying, dancing and having fun but know when to say enough is enough. Enjoy yourself without going over the top. Create a strategy to avoid temptation.

Looking for romance? October’s a sexy month to post your profile on a dating app or get out more. You’re sure to get lots of attractive offers – can you refuse them?

Virgo – August 24 to September 23

Hogmanay fun and frolics is where your love life begins as soon as the New Year begins. Your future is all about the company you keep and the more people you can meet the better.

Working with others on a creative project has you hopping about like the Easter bunny!

Meeting people with a romantic twist comes through those you know – they are the conduit to love.

Be patient with a person looking for attention during July but don’t neglect your own need to have quality time on your own.

Fun things like singing, dancing and music are your food of love from November to December.

Libra – September 24 to October 23

In any area of your life where there is respect and understanding, you thrive.

If there is domestic discord, your health will eventually suffer through stress-related illnesses.

Being peacemaker can take its toll; you can’t please all the people all the time and, as a result, could end up pleasing no-one.

Increased job or social commitments in the autumn could lead to love.

It’s a caring, sharing birthday period which could well pave the way to a winter of wild romance and sowing many a wild oat, to boot!

Scorpio – October 24 to November 22

Push yourself to the fore and be assertive as the year begins.

Be sociable as it’ll make you feel good and you will light up the life of everyone you meet. Dig through your little black book of contacts to enjoy a happy reunion, which could lead to an unexpected romantic twist.

Spicing up your life should be a priority in the spring. Get out and meet people by learning a new skill – it’s your brain more than your body someone is attracted to.

Your charming persona is like a magnet to folks who find you irresistible. Family affairs are significant as the year ends leading to a welcome sense of belonging.

Sagittarius – November 23 to December 21

You’re ready to rock n roll romantically but don’t act in haste.

It might seem super-cool to tie the knot but, remember you don’t know a person until you live with them and do you know a person well enough to make a long-term commitment?


A relationship needs strong foundations. You will feel happier and more secure by taking time to develop close bonds with someone close.

This is very much your year thanks to your ruling planet Jupiter in your sign.

The wheel of fortune is turning, and many things will start to work in your favour, including love.

Capricorn – December 22 to January 20

Performing random acts of kindness will make you feel good and others will benefit from your largesse.

Working in the voluntary sector leads to a friendship which, in turn, becomes sexually attractive. Enjoy spending time with people who share your interest creatively as it will bring passion to the fore.

Be aware, however, love can be a passing fancy unless you do your utmost to commit much more.

Maintain your independence but don’t be too detached romantically as it will send out the wrong signals. When things become all too much sneak off to a private place, where you won’t be disturbed.

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