Ronaldo Joins Nike FC in Exclusive “Footballverse” Panel Talk

Nike FC’s three-week immersive pop-up kicks off in Dubai with an inspiring panel talk led by global football icon Ronaldo.

Last Friday, the sporting star sat down with UAE-based football coach Dan Jacob and sports consultant Budreya Faisal to talk about his life in football. The talk tied into Nike’s campaign to bring past and present stars together and expand the game to future generations. From Ronaldo’s early experiences in Brazil to the role he now plays as owner of Spanish team Real Valladolid and the Brazilian outfit Cruzeiro, the discussion shone a light on his impressive tenure in the sport, one that continues to influence other players and fans around the world.

With Faisal’s work making football more inclusive in the region and Jacob’s position at Champion Soccer Academy, the panel talk naturally led onto the vast opportunities in football. The panel explored how Ronaldo and Nike have harnessed its growing culture – spanning art, music and fashion – to positively impact the next generation and how to bring about new ways for them to get involved.

The Nike Footballverse pop-up is open until December 11th and supporters can get involved by registering on Nike’s website.
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