Reigning Champ Drops Its "Midnight Club" Collection

After reconnecting with Los Angeles-based furniture maker Modernica for a series of mid-century-inspired chairs, Reigning Champ returns with a new “Midnight Club” collection featuring a monochrome assortment of some of the brand’s most popular lifestyle apparel silhouettes.

The collection is named after its “Midnight Blue” hue, described as a dark matte blend of navy and black mimicking the night sky between dawn and dusk. Apparel pieces come from the Original Slim and Classic lines ranging from midweight terry crewnecks to lighter high gauge swim shorts and solotex mesh polos. Other highlights include the corduroy pieces which feature logo baseball caps, rugby pants, coach jackets, and bucket hats.

Reigning Champ’s “Midnight Club” collection is now available online and in stores.

Elsewhere, Dior is set to present its Pre-Fall collection at Mumbai’s “Gateway of India” landmark.
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